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Long-term rental : all the services you need

Our Long-Term Rental vehicle leasing offer is a tailored-made solution that gives the opportunity to focus on your core business and not manage your fleet. You can choose your car according to the duration required for you (from 2 to 5 years) with a full set of services to support your cars and drivers. With our solution, you receive one monthly rental and high quality of operations and value-added services. 

From the experience of our clients, we can say that outsourcing and vehicle leasing give you a better deal than ownership. You want a particular vehicle for a certain duration? We provide you the vehicle, the technology, and professionals for the best in class services. Arval is the right partner for your long-term fleet support. 

Our Long-Term Rental offer grants you access to our full solution, with a wide range of core, value-added and connected services:

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