Relief vehicle

Relief Vehicle : We keep you on the road

We know how important it is for your employees to meet clients or carry out deliveries on time. No matter what happens, we will provide a relief car or van to keep your business on the road.

  • 1. Our Vehicle Guarantee

    We deliver constant, reliable mobility. No matter what happens to your fleet, we can provide a relief vehicle (country specific) to maintain business as usual. We make contingency plans and manage logistics risk. Arval is committed to provide your drivers with a relief vehicle in case of a breakdown or accident.

  • 2. One Supplier, One Contract

    With just one fleet leasing supplier who delivers the service, there is no need to look for last minute, short-term contracts with third-party suppliers. Arval will even deliver vehicles on-site, wherever possible. You will receive a contract hire vehicle in the same category class, to support your needs.

  • 3. Full Driver Support, with Relief Vehicles

    We ensure that your fleet drivers enjoy all the benefits of full-service leasing, including assistance on the road and continuous vehicle back-up - up to 31 days. We'll keep your drivers on the road, and on time. 

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