Efficiency and savings

Arval offers you a complete fleet management service. By outsourcing the processes, we deal directly with your drivers and handle the daily administration of employee mobility. With over 30 years of experience and world class services, we bring efficiency and savings to your fleet and your bottom line.

  • 1. Reduced fleet costs with Arval Outsourcing Solutions (AOS)

    Arval Outsourcing Solutions (AOS) makes the life of the fleet manager (or any professional with responsibility for fleet management) as easy as possible. We implement the latest digital fleet support tools, policies and procedures into your business. The drive to optimise Total Cost of Ownership makes outsourcing fleet services an obvious choice.

  • 2. Dedicated Account Team

    Our unique structure includes a dedicated Account Team serving all our full service leasing clients. This client team works as your mini fleet management company, keeping us closer to our customers than other player in the market.

    Our Account Teams leverage all the advantages of being a large operator while also giving our clients dedicated, local professionals.

    account team


  • 3. Arval Quality Proposition : Continual Performance improvement

    Efficiency in quality is key: we care about quality and performance improvement more than any other company on the market. We have four pillars to ensure our performance measure responses from our drivers via dedicated driver satisfaction surveys, and the responses of our decision makers via Net Promoter scores. This allows is to continually analyse all our products and projects to continually assess how we serve our customers. We have specific processes



  • 4. Sale and Leaseback : Transition to Leasing

    Sale and Leaseback can help companies switch from a costly outright purchase model to a more efficient full service leasing approach. It is also an attractive financial instrument to help companies release funds and free up capital.

  • 5. A Connected Fleet : My Arval and Arval Digital Suite

    Our Reporting suite My Arval gives corporations the ability to compare and analyse KPIs and user trends on a monthly basis. This helps you to prepare your budget and makes fleet management more efficient. You can even integrate detailed third-party data - including telematics, dash cams, and insurance - to get a local snapshot or a global picture of your fleet.

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