Operativní leasing vs. nákup auta: Proč je operativní leasing lepší volba?

Leasing or buying : why is leasing better ?

Buying a car or van is costly and time-consuming.  Instead, rely on Arval to manage your fleet and master your budget. We take all the worry and risk away from running a business vehicle. 

  • Value for your business

    Arval full-service leasing lets you drive a recent car or van, benefit from competitive deals, without the hassle of maintenance costs or depreciation. Service and maintenance, accidents and insurance or even specialist equipment fitted to the vehicle? It's all bundled into one fixed monthly invoice. Quite simply, we take away the risk and the worry.

    Leasing Buying
    New car every few years ✔️
    All services included (link vs. services) ✔️
    You Own the Vehicle ✔️
    Cost predictability Fixed monthly rental Variable and hidden costs
  • Increase your profit

    We know that small businesses lose time by managing their car - and time is money. Leasing with Arval gives you extra time to run your business. All those costs that were previously hard to predict (such as service and repair) are now a fixed monthly cost. Plus you can get Arval's pack of services included, including roadside assistance and tire changes. We simply help keep your business on top, and your bottom-line profitable.

  • Hassle free

    You need someone that gets things done for you. With Arval, you get dedicated Customer Service (country specific) support during the duration of your contract, ready to support you 24/7. All services are included. Focus on your business, not your cars and vans! 

  • Tailored mobility

    Benefit from the best deal and always have a modern, new car boosting your brand image. Simply choose from our great choice of vehicles, your duration and mileage, and drive away with a great vehicle at a fixed cost. You can also adapt your contract according to your need throughout the term. Ownership devalues your asset, and potentially your business, as the vehicle grows old. With leasing, there are no constraints.

  • Mid term or long term need ?

    Designed for temporary employees, seasonal peaks or short projects, Mid Term Rental lets you pick a duration that's right for you. Even if you just want to change vehicles regularly, simply choose a vehicle category and a term, from 1 to 24 months - a best-in-class vehicle can be yours in no time.

    If you need a dedicated vehicle for longer, choose Long-Term Rental: car and van leasing solutions for more bespoke packages, with the vehicle of your choice (even branded and fitted for you) for 2 to 5 years. 

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