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Employee loyalty and driver management

Our services and mobility solutions make the daily life of your drivers simpler, easier and more efficient. In turn, this helps you build employee wellbeing and staff loyalty. Make your drivers and employees feel valued with Arval solutions.

  • 1. Managing Your Drivers

    Managing drivers is a routine, but complicated, aspect of fleet management. By offering drivers the best fleet support on the market, we make your employees feel valued. This helps to improve employee engagement and staff retention. 

    Liberating your company from routine fleet administration frees up time (and budget) for departments and managers to focus on their core jobs.

    Driver Support Center

    The better your mobility offer, the more attractive your company. Arval for Employee gives your employees personal benefits and access to a range of mobility options, at their desks or on the move - via your corporate intranet or on their mobile.

    Personal access to Arval for Me even allows employees to maintain their family car through Arval’s trusted supplier network.

    Driver satisfaction

    We understand that satisfied drivers are more loyal employees. We measure responses from drivers via dedicated driver satisfaction surveys. We also measure the responses of decision makers via Net Promoter Score. At Arval, we view complaints as a gift, because they allow us to continually improve our service. We continuously analyse our products to assess how we serve you and your drivers. 


  • 2. Focus on Strategy, Outsource the Rest

    Arval Outsourcing Solutions ensure that all drivers receive help and support with any questions or problems. Our dedicated Driver Support Centre means that they are never alone. The call centre is staffed by specialists, ready to answer anything from what is included in the leasing contract, to accident and roadside assistance

    Arval can support you with the most routine tasks - letting you focus on the more strategic fleet management.

  • 3. Build employee loyalty with Arval For Employees

    We attend to your drivers, with attention to detail, and quality service. We think they will appreciate it - with their loyalty to your company.

    Mobility and Carsharing

    Especially urban employees are looking for modern mobility options, beyond leasing. Integrated into your Human Resources policies, carsharing is an attractive benefit, especially for high performing professionals and job candidates. This can be utilised for business or personal travel, for an hour or for whole weekends. By choosing carsharing, you optimise the occupancy rate of your vehicles and position your business as part of the sharing economy.

    Arval can also offer bike sharing for two-wheeled transport – this includes insurancetraining, equipment and on-site support.

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Driver support center
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Arval Outsourcing Solutions
Outsource the complete management of your fleet to Arval, from driver assistance to fleet admin.
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