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Corporate Social Responsibility: A Greener Fleet

Arval can support your transition to low-carbon mobility while offering better conditions for your employees. The responsible fleet management of today needs to have corporate social responsibility and sustainability at its heart. 

  • 1. Electric Vehicles

    We can conduct a 'SMART audit' of your fleet, analysing your fleet usage and needs, to identify the right vehicles for you. We look at vehicle size, usage and mileage, and advise on whether EV or hybrid models could help your business save costs and meet your CSR KPIs. We even offer EV LCVs. 

    Charging solutions

    Arval’s EV offer includes the charging infrastructure, installed both at your offices and at your drivers' homes.. This means you will always have sufficient charging points - with, recorded usage and simple payment cards - when your fleet needs it. 

    Try before you lease

    We make the transition to EV easy. Driving and charging electric vehicles is new for many corporations. So, we offer a trial period: you can try out an electric vehicle for a month or two to see if it's right for your business, returned without any additional charges. 

  • 2. Mobility and Carsharing

    A better mobility offer enhances your CSR credentials. Being on the forefront of the mobility revolution positions your business at the forefront of sustainability. Fleet management no longer means cars or vans alone. Alongside electric vehicles, we can offer carsharing and zero emissions last mile solutions. 



  • 3. Employee Safety

    Through our dedicated Driver Support Centre, your drivers whereabouts and safety are always our first priority. The call centre is staffed by specialists, ready to respond to any service, maintenance and service, maintenance and repair query, offer roadside assistance, or offer insurance and accident management advice.

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