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Founded in 1989 and fully owned by BNP Paribas, Arval specialises in full-service vehicle leasing. Arval offers its customers – large international corporates, SMEs and professionals – tailored solutions that optimise their employees’ mobility and outsource the risks associated with fleet management. More recently, Arval expanded its customer segments to individuals. Expert advice and service quality, which are the foundations of Arval’s customer promise, are delivered in 30 countries by around 7,200 employees. Arval’s total leased fleet adds up to 1,381,555 vehicles throughout the world (December 2020). 


    Arval is a founding member of the Element-Arval Global Alliance, the longest standing strategic alliance in the fleet management industry and the worldwide leader with 3 million vehicles in 50 countries. Within BNP Paribas, Arval belongs to the Retail Banking core activity.


    Our mission is to deliver convenient, efficient and flexible car usage solutions to individuals and companies of any size.


    Every day at Arval, thanks to our expert advice and prompt and accurate service, everything is done to really care about clients, drivers, and vehicles.


    Arval's products and services are tailor-made to enable the success of our customers. We offer a full range of fleet leasing products and services in the following areas:

    • Long Term Rental – also known as vehicle leasing or business contract hire, this is the hassle-free way to lease company cars and vans for 2, 3, 4 or 5 years. It’s ideal for business drivers completing high mileage or as an employee recruitment and retention tool.
    • Mid Term Rental – simple, flexible and competitively priced access to vehicles for any period between 1 and 24 months. Perfect to cover seasonal peaks in demand, staff probationary periods, fixed-term contracts or as a pre-contract hire vehicle.

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