Mobility : Solutions beyond four wheels

Arval is a total mobility provider. Sometimes your fleet management needs go beyond simply a four-wheeled fleet. As a reliable partner, and part of BNP Paribas, we can help you at every step - or pedal stroke - of your mobility journey. 

  • 1. Full Service Leasing

    Full-service leasing (FSL) remains our most important - and popular - mobility solution. FSL is always the better mobility option versus outright purchase, because Arval can instantly offer you the whole range of fleet mobility solutions. 

    Businesses want ‘vehicles-on-demand’, enabled by technology and best-in-class logistics, provided by a long-term fleet support partner. We believe that outsourcing and vehicle leasing gives business a better deal.

  • 2. New Mobility Solutions


    Carsharing is an innovative solution from Arval, for both B2B or B2C. Carsharing is a valuable instrument for cost reduction. It can also be easily integrated into your Human Resources policies as a benefit-in-kind for employees, promoting both health & wellbeing and corporate social responsibility. 

    Green Fleet & EV

    Arval helps corporations not only with electric vehicles, but with the whole electrification infrastructure. A 'SMaRT' audit of your fleet will analyse your fleet car usage and needs. We can also install a comprehensive charging infrastructure, through our partnership with New Motion, at your workplaces and even employees' homes.

    Two Wheel Solutions

    Arval began Bikesharing as an offer in the Netherlands and Belgium, and its success will soon be rolled out across other countries in Europe. Bikesharing offers an innovative, zero emissions, last mile solutions for both work trips and short commutes.

  • 3. Fleet Management

    We therefore provide a free Bespoke Business Review every year (or twice-annually, depending on your preference). Our business account managers will re-assess your mobility needs - covering everything from geography, destinations and business strategy - to ensure you are getting the best possible Arval products and services for your business. 

    It's Arval's business to know your business. 

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