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Fleet Desk : Expertise and Specialisation, at your service

Outsourcing your fleet management to Arval gives you total control, reduces time-consuming administrative tasks, and lowers fleet costs. Optimise your fleet and your time thanks to our expertise. 

  • 1. Total control, none of the hassle

    Arval fleet solutions allow you to have total and effective control while avoiding time-consuming administration. This helps you to focus on value-added tasks. Our software and services support you to manage your fleet and drivers more efficiently, with intuitive processes and data dashboards.

    Box/panel - to include when this service goes live: Arval Fleet Desk is a highly specialised fleet management service provider, focused exclusively on the management of your fleet. Whatever the type of purchase and structure of your fleet, the Arval Fleet Desk provides fully integrated fleet management software and services.

    Arval Fleet Desk services are committed to neutrality and total independence.

  • 2. Reduced costs & improved value

    Optimise your fleet and your time thanks to our expertise. We support you in reducing your total cost of ownership and optimising your total cost of mobility. Our dedicated network of partners provide you as much or as little fleet management services you require.

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