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Fuel Card Management : One Service, Better Data

Managing your fuel-use is a key element of your fleet's TCO. Arval Fuel Card Management unifies and simplifies your data collection, and helps you monitor prices and consumption across your entire fleet. 

  • 1. Simplify, With Arval Fuel Card Management

    Monitor fuel, simplify expenses

    Fuel is a constant, but variable factor in any fleet management TCO calculation. Arval Fuel Card Management gives you the means to monitor expenses and ensure smooth fleet reporting.  Replace the process of manually collecting paper fuel receipts with a single, consolidated, monthly invoice. 

    For fleet management, it's an essential tool that provides accurate, actionable data. Arval helps you monitor for abnormal use, and our reporting allows for smoother VAT recovery (country specific), and yearly business reviews. Together with you, our experts can help you negociate volume discounts, based on a clear understanding of fuel use.

    (Optional by country? Check?) We can even integrate your electric vehicle charging cards into fuel card management - for a complete view of energy use.

    Business or private use - both are supported (country specific)

    If your company supports it, Arval Fuel Card Management allows for separation of business and private fuelling, and our system helps fleet management monitor for compliance.

    Driver data is secure 

    Arval Fuel Card Management supports the next generation of chip and PIN fuel cards. For drivers, we combine ease of use with maximum data security.

  • 2. Toward A Strategic Fuel Policy

    Expert fleet support

    Experts at Arval help you to formulate the right fleet management fuel policy. A 'SMaRT' audit of your fleet will analyse your fleet car usage and needs. By designing a fuel policy with the help of our fleet support experts, you can set up the fuel card management system you require: for example, larger fuel purchases on cards for larger fleet leasing vehicles, limits on non-fuel purchases, and preferred retailers.

  • 3. Link Fuel to Telematics

    (Optional content if relevant per country - to adapt according to local market and features available)

    We can also link Arval Fuel Card Management to Arval Active Link fleet telematics - now you can match the fuel use of individual drivers to their driving patterns. We provide access to an online mileage capture system for drivers to record their private mileage separately for company car tax purposes.

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