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Service, Maintenance and Repair: Quality and simplicity assured

Driving takes its toll on vehicles - but it needn't wear down your business. You need a comprehensive fleet management solution that guarantees a quality of care for your fleet, your services, and your drivers. 

  • 1. Taking care, everyday, for tomorrow

    All your business car lease vehicles receive regular maintenance, warranty repairs, servicing and inspections. Arval's enriched data helps you to run your fleet, make better decisions and save money (all for a fixed montly rental). 

    You can relax knowing that Arval will maintain your fleet leasing vehicles and perform any necessary repairs, and with the highest quality.

  • 2. We maintain the highest quality, so you can focus on business

    Reporting and advice

    Service, maintenance and repair are major elements of fleet TCO, issues and decision making. With a single, fixed invoice, this high-quality fleet support solution provides you with greater efficiency and predictability. You also have the flexibility to add extra services or tailored solutions if your needs change.

    Quality of services guaranteed

    We have over 1 million financed fleet and contract hire vehicles, and access to an extensive network of preferred suppliers. After any maintenance or service event, we ask for feedback and analyse it to ensure it meets our strict SLAs and quality requirements. As a client, you can give your feedbacks regarding the work of the preferred suppliers. 


    We service your vehicles and fix your costs. With only one invoice, your predictive and responsive maintenance costs will be clear 

  • 3. Service for Car and Driver

    By dealing with driver queries directly, we save you the time. Our 24/7 Driver Desk (Country-specific term) allows your drivers to report issues, book services and order pick-up and delivery - online, via mobile or by telephone. 

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