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Tire Management : Full-cycle servicing

Tires are the 4th largest part of a fleet's TCO. Keep a grip on your business car leasing costs while improving driver safety on the road, with Arval tire management solutions.

  • 1. The Full Tire Lifecycle: From Purchase to Recycling

    Tire management with Arval covers the full lifecycle of your tires. Through our purchasing power, we access the best pricing from risk-tendered suppliers.

    We provide you vehicle reviews and arrange regular inspections in order to give you the data to know when tires need rotating or changing.

  • 2. A Tire For All Seasons, and All Vehicles

    Extra options: tires that move with you

    If you need tires in a different location, we ensure any new or replacement tires will move with you. In countries with seasonal tire change requirements, we provide the right tires for the right season: summer, winter or all-season tires. We can even store new or out-of-season tires for you, freeing up warehousing space and reducing fire risk.

    One point of contact

    You only have one point of contact: Arval. Drivers can call the Driver Desk. We have strict SLAs in place with all our tire suppliers, ensuring quality and speed of operation.

    On budget and on the road

    Tire management with Arval helps you keep your business car leasing on budget, on track, and on the road - all within your one single, monthly invoice. 

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