Insurance and accident management

Insurance and Accident Management

Road accidents can happen - but with the right care, help and support, their impact can be minimized.

Arval Accident Management is developed with your fleet and driver safety in mind, to save you time, reduce costs and keep you in control.

  • 1. Leaving nothing to chance


    We deal with all areas of Insurance and Accident Management, from first notification of loss until the end of the claim, reducing the impact of downtime on your business.

    When something happens Arval is here for your drivers, making sure they are safe. Arval provides coordination with roadside assistance 24 / 7 / 265 in case of help required: towing, advice or call for the police, etc.

    We register the accident date and circumstances, organize the estimates and repair of the vehicle in our preferred supplier network, including on site vehicle recovery, and follow up on a regular basis so that your drivers are back on the road in the shortest period of time.

    We then help you recovering any cost from the insurance company or third parties.

  • 2. Managing your insurance budget

    Global reliable partners

    Arval works with leading global and local insurance companies to offer you complete coverage: from mandatory third-party liability, own damage and personal injury protection.

    Specific client needs are offered by our sister company, Greenval Insurance, in 17 countries. Include link to Greenval

    Risk management

    Arval solution includes a consolidated view on your claims’ costs and loss trends, delivering global performance reporting, helping you to keep control on your insurance budget and to identify improvement actions.

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