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ARVAL ACTIVE LINK : Data for decision-making

Arval Active Link : Data for Decision-Making

Arval Active Link is a comprehensive solution to collect, analyse, and evaluate your fleet data. Designed to increase productivity, enhance driver safety and promote social responsibility, our privacy-assured system gives you the data for decision-making.

Arval Active Link combines an Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System with a digital platform for receiving and analysing data.

  • 1. Driver connected, privacy assured

    Our fleet data system is built on the highest levels of privacy and control. Any element of the system can be switched on or off, depending on your organisation's needs. Business and private trips can be automatically or manually qualified. Of course all data transferred between on-board devices and servers is encrypted, and ActiveLink complies with all relevant data protection regulations. Trust Arval to put you in control.

  • 2. Hard facts, easy decision

    Users of Arval Active Link can see a 10-20% reduction in fuel-use and CO2 emissions. Drivers will be safer and maintenance costs will fall. With the option of active journey routing, even fleet utilisation may increase up to 20%. And since the data provision is seamlessly integrated with Arval online services, administrative workload is also reduced. 

  • 3. Real-time data, anytime decision-making

    Arval Active Link constantly monitors your fleet - for efficiency, safety, and social responsibility. You can opt to receive alerts on unusual activity (such as speeding), protecting your drivers and reducing your risk. And when it comes time to make decisions, the Arval Active Link web-platform produces dashboards and detailed reports, with exactly the KPIs relevant to your fleet. Through an API, you can even integrate into third-party fleet management systems (check). Comprehensive fleet data is literally at your fingertips.


  • 4. How does it work ?



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