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Our World Mobility Tour: Valladolid, becoming a sustainable mobility capital

The next stop in our World Mobility Tour is to the city of Valladolid. Embarked on a city redesign process, participating in projects like "Connected Cities" and "Horizon Europe: One Hundred Climate-Neutral Smart Cities by 2030”, pioneer in traffic restrictions to preserve air quality, and in reducing the speed limit to 30 km/h in the city center before it was mandated by the Spanish traffic code; Valladolid is taking significant steps to become a sustainable mobility capital. Our discussion with Oscar Puente, the Mayor of the city, enables us to discover all the aspects and the strategy of this city regarding the mobility topic.

Thu 13/04/23
Autonomy 2023

Autonomy 2023 | Flexibility, connectivity and sustainability

Mobility is not just about providing concrete solutions to move from point A to point B. It is also about acting with the entire ecosystem to reach a positive impact. That is Arval’s ambition with the BNP Paribas Group to support its clients in their mobility needs. Alain van Groenendael, Arval Chairman and CEO, expresses his views on this at the occasion of the Autonomy World Expo 2023, the international event bringing the world’s mobility makers together!

Thu 30/03/23
The right LCV

The Right LCV: optimised efficiency of fleet and drivers

Our world is getting ever more urbanised, which exasperates the need for commercial vehicles that are light, agile and versatile. Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) have become an increasingly important part of our transportation system. As the pandemic brought with it the home-working and home-delivery boom, the LCVs have met the challenge. Now, the European LCV market is set to grow from €58bn in 2021 to €75bn in 2026. The global LCV market is expected to reach €735 billion by 2030.
With this increased usage and the growing environmental impact comes the need for optimisation of the systems and vehicles. Let’s explore a few of the creative optimisation options to LCV fleet managers today. 

Mon 27/03/23
Arval 2022 Full Year Results
Press release


Despite challenging environment and auto sector, Arval continued to grow in 2022, maintaining the positive momentum of previous years.

Mon 06/03/23
Tax 2023

Tax evolution for 2023

As 2023 begins, Arval Mobility Observatory is pleased to share with you a synthesis of changes to statutory taxation and the associated mechanisms evolutions in Europe, by country. As follows, you will find a non-exhaustive list highlighting the evolution of Governmental taxation, grants and bonus schemes for 2023 in some European countries (such as Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia) Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Fri 17/02/23
Dan Boiangiu & Julie Meynard Appointments
Press release


Arval, a global leader in full service vehicle leasing and new sustainable mobility solutions, announces two new appointments: Dan Boiangiu as General Manager of Arval Belgium, and Julie Meynard as Director of the Arval International Business Office (IBO). This, follows Laurent Loncke’s nomination as the new General Manager of BNP Paribas Fortis Retail Banking.

Tue 14/02/23
Arval 2022 Activity Results - woman bike
Press release


In 2022, Arval’s performance significantly outgrew the market despite a challenging environment and automotive sector.

Thu 09/02/23
EV batteries

EV Batteries

Electrification of vehicles brings many benefits to drivers. Besides the obvious sustainability and much lower energy costs, EVs also require less maintenance, and fewer replacement parts. The critical, and most expensive element of an electric (or plug-in hybrid) vehicle is its battery. The lithium-ion batteries used in today’s EVs are generally extremely safe, reliable, and durable. But just like any other part of a van or car, they need to be maintained properly, and drivers can take steps to maximize the life of their EV’s battery.

Mon 23/01/23
Euro 7 Norm

What will change with the new Euro 7 regulation?

In accordance to the EU 2035’s zero emissions target, as of 2035, every Passenger Car (PC) & Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) delivered in the EU, will have the obligation to be free of driving emissions (no CO2 nor NOx emissions).Taking that into account, it is important to acknowledge that in 2050, due to the remaining thermal engine vehicles still in sufficient working condition, approximately 20% of all PCs & LCVs will still emit CO2 & NOx emissions. With regards to these elements, the European Commission has taken action and articulated a new set of measures which are aiming to reinforce the means for air quality improvement. On the 27th of Oct. 2022, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament agreed on new standards, setting specific CO2 reduction targets for new cars and vans (100% by 2035). On the 10th of Nov. 2022 - the European Commission presents the EURO 7 norm proposal to replace the current EURO 6 norm.

Fri 20/01/23