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Connected Cars
Press release

500,000 connected vehicles in the Arval fleet: a new milestone for Arval Connect

Arval, a leader of full-service leasing and sustainable mobility solutions, has reached the threshold of 500,000 connected vehicles, increasing its connected fleet by 20% compared to last year.

Thu 06/07/23
Press release

4.4 million vehicles – 56 countries: Arval, Element Fleet Management And Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service sign new tri-party agreement, expanding geographical coverage and scope in the Asia Pacific region

PARIS, TORONTO and TOKYO, June 30, 2023 – Arval, Element Fleet Management (“Element”) and Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service (“SMAS”), through the Element-Arval Global Alliance (“the Alliance”), today announced a tri-lateral strategic cooperation agreement. The agreement will facilitate enhanced access for global clients to full-service lease and fleet management services in the markets of Japan, Thailand, India and Indonesia through SMAS.

Fri 30/06/23

The Arval Mobility Observatory ebook and webinar Towards an end to crashes

Across much of Europe, we have made significant progress in terms of road safety over the past two decades – road traffic fatalities have fallen by two thirds since 2000. But the rate of improvement has stalled recently, with half of European countries even posting increased vehicle-related fatalities in 2021. In spite of vast improvements to vehicle safety, we are not yet on the trajectory set out by “Vision Zero” – the European Union’s aim to reduce Road Safety deaths by half through the end of 2030 and to zero by 2050.
Protecting human lives and livelihoods disproportionately contributes to economic and social gain. What’s more, improving road safety and reducing emissions are both clear commitments made within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.And it simply makes sense; it’s the humane thing to do.

This is why we felt it important to write this paper now – to reemphasize the urgency of this problem, highlight the key levers, and outline opportunities for improvement.

Fri 30/06/23
Chronopost & Arval
Press release

Arval France supports Chronopost in the electrification of its LCV Fleet

Arval, a leader in the multi-brand leasing of corporate vehicles, and specialist in mobility solutions, supports Chronopost in the management and electrification of its fleet.
For the past 10 years, Arval France has been supporting the transformation of nearly half of Chronopost’s fleet, which currently consists of 1,800 vehicles in full-service leasing throughout France, including 7% gas-powered vehicles, 51% diesel, 24% hybrid vehicles (gasoline and electric) and 15% electric vehicles. The vast majority of these vehicles are for last mile deliveries.

Tue 27/06/23
Women who signes a contract

Why car subscription is an opportunity for anyone who produces, owns or sells cars

It’s often said that car subscription marks the birth of car usership after over a century of car ownership. But that’s not completely true. After all, car rental consists of using a car for a few days – and it was invented in the 1900s. And car leasing consists of using a car for a few years, and it’s been around since the 1930s.

In both cases, the car is usually provided inclusive of services (maintenance, insurance, tires, etc.) in exchange for a daily (rental) or monthly (leasing) fee. At the end of the agreed period, the customer returns the car to the rental or leasing company and has never owned the vehicle, just used it.

Mon 26/06/23
Arval x Zenride
Press release

Arval switches gears by launching a long-term leasing offer for bikes to all its clients and employees with Zenride

To support the growth of the bicycle market, Arval is expanding its long-term leasing offer through a partnership with the start-up Zenride, specialized in bike leasing solutions.

Thu 22/06/23
MG4 Luxury
Press release

“MG Auto Abo Powered by Arval": Arval launches joint car subscription model with MG Motor in Germany

Modern mobility is subject to constant change. This also applies to the market for mobility offers for private individuals. For some years now, the car subscription model has been enjoying growing popularity. In addition to purchasing, financing and leasing, this gives private individuals another alternative for using a car. Against this background, Arval is constantly developing and is deepening its cooperation with the automotive brand MG Motor with a joint car subscription model.

Tue 13/06/23
ChargePoint x Arval
Press release

ChargePoint and Arval sign international framework agreement to accelerate the transition to electric mobility

ChargePoint Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CHPT), a leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, and Arval, a leader in full-service vehicle leasing and new mobility solutions and a company of the BNP Paribas Group, today announced the signing of an international framework agreement aimed at accelerating the transition to e-mobility for international corporate clients, small and medium companies, and private individuals.

Tue 06/06/23
Arval Mobility Observatory Fleet and Mobility Barometer

The Arval Mobility Observatory Fleet and Mobility Barometer 2023

The Arval Mobility Observatory, an industry expert in the recording and forecasting of corporate mobility trends, has published the results of its latest barometer, an international survey, unique in terms of scope but also in terms of topics discussed. In 2023, a record number of company decision makers were interviewed to gather feedback from 30 countries. For the first time, the barometer includes the Element- Arval Global Alliance countries of USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico.

Tue 30/05/23