Every day, our People play a central role in delivering outstanding services to our customers and drivers, in a continuously changing and challenging environment. We commit to constantly improve how we support our clients to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Together, every day, we transform our group to strengthen our commitment to our clients, our employees, and the world we live in. Arval employees are our main actors for change. With their help, we use innovation in what we do and how we do it to achieve a sustainable growth shared more equitably and shape a better future.



Bernard Blanco
Arval HR Director

" I am a believer that the best-suited people to talk about Arval are the 8,300 employees working here every day.

Every year, our people express their satisfaction in our internal surveys about working at Arval:
We are a collaborative and a fast-growing company
We are passionate about our business
We have an entrepreneurship mindset
We are a people-oriented company

If you are performance-driven, solution-oriented and you like new challenges, have a look at our job offers.

Arval might be the company you are waiting for! "


Mission, promise, vision and signature

Our mission. Arval has set itself the mission of improving people’s lives through personalised and sustainable journeys. We want to provide a broad range of options beyond the car, accounting for everyone’s aspirations, whether their priority is to save time, be more responsible or simply be comfortable.

Our promise. Everyday at Arval, thanks to our expert advice and prompt and accurate service, everything is done to really care about clients, drivers and vehicles.

Our vision. As the concept of mobility evolves and expands, so does our vision. Today, people have an extensive range of mobility options; climate change has become a major issue; regulations are tightening; and usership is gaining ground over ownership. All these factors feed into our vision, “Life is a journey made of journeys”, our options are endless: we can change jobs, ambitions, locations and minds as seamlessly and regularly as we want. The common thread throughout all our journeys is mobility. It’s what gives us the freedom to go where we want, to be who we want to be, to make change happen.

Our signature. For the many journeys in life”, an expression of this change in times and habits in a world where everyone has the freedom to choose their own path, and that each path taken has a positive impact on our society and our community, and preserves our planet. We commit to bringing you flexible solutions and a seamless experience in a responsible way, every day.



Arval Diversity, Equity & InclusionAt Arval, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are essential drivers of our strategy. Creating a new Diversity and Inclusion department at international level is our natural path, not only to foster a progressive culture but to make sure everyone gets on board as part of a common ambition. Many initiatives and local programmes already exist, but it is essential to create synergies between the teams, geographies and managers at the international level.

We believe that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is everyone's responsibility. We want our community to feel engaged by encouraging everyone to work towards a more inclusive and inspirational work environment. We are there for each other and we all matter.

We believe in the power of diversity to generate cultural and business value and that by bringing more diversity to the teams will help generate new ideas and new perspective with more enlightened decisions.

We are committed to bring to life a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion focusing on priority levers such as Gender Equality, Multiculturalism and diversity of origins, Inclusion of people with disabilities, Gender and LGBTQIA+ and Age and intergenerational relations.

People at work Careers

Our Job Offers


Arval is a place for people in action and has a strong reputation of developing its employees. 
At Arval, we have local and international programmes adapted to different (typologies) of Talents: 

Arval Talent Care Programme

Arval Talent Care Programme 2022Arval Talent Care Programme is an in house, ambitious and international Talent Programme offering a yearly comprehensive talent development journey. The heart of the programme is a Team Work on a strategic challenge of Arval’s business.

Women in Action Programme

Arval Women in Action Programme 2023In a historically masculine sector, Arval commits to offer equal opportunities irrespective of gender. We work daily to address the gender pay gap and promote women into senior positions. To help us in this task, we launched our programme "Women in Action”.