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How is the Arval strategic plan a game changer for the market and for the employees? What better way to get to know our company than to see it through the eyes of our employees. In a natural and intimate approach, 8 Arval employees shared their personal experience, and their perception of what Arval does for them and for society in general.

The way they see their job, their mission, their family, their mobility… the way they see the world. Take a look at their stories!


People Engagement really matters to us

Arval Pulse PictoOur employees are at the heart of our Business and their voice matters. A great employee experience is what enables an outstanding customer experience, while having convinced, committed and motivated employees is what enables us to grow. That’s why we've made Net Promoter Employee (NPE). People Engagement is one of our strategic indicators with an objective to reach +20 by the end of 2025. It is inspired by the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which we get from the survey we send to all our customers for feedback, and more specifically how a customer is likely to recommend Arval products and services to colleagues, friends, and relatives.

Twice a year, all Arval employees answer a short survey called "Arval Pulse". It reflects Arval Management view on the importance of all Arval employees wellbeing and engagement as a key priority. Launched for the first time in 2020, this tool helps identify key matters and act upon them, contributing in making Arval an even better place to work for us all.

Arval Pulse Heart
Two times a year, we listen to Arval employees' voice
Arval Pulse Taking initiatives March 2023
feel they can take initiatives in their role
Arval Pulse March 2023 Ressources
feel they have the resources they need to perform their role
Arval Pulse Manager March 2023
feel supported by their manager
Arval Pulse March 2023 Recognition
have recognition of job done
Arval Pulse NPE Score March 2023
2023 Arval NPE Score

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