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Products & Solutions 29 Mar 2022

Today, the shortage of semiconductors and inflationary pressures are having a direct impact on companies. At the same time, CSR is becoming increasingly important with companies being more and more aware of their responsibility to accelerate energy transition. More than ever, controlling costs and acting positively on environmental issues are key priorities. To support its customers, Arval has revamped Arval Active Link, its existing connected services offer, and is now launching Arval Connect.

Arval Connect

Arval Connect: leveraging customers’ success stories

With dedicated, in-house expert teams, Arval has been investing in telematics for ten years and now counts 400,000 connected vehicles in its fleet. Within the Arval Beyond strategy, Arval has announced the ambitious objective of having 1.5 million connected vehicles by the end of 2025, representing 75% of its leased fleet.

Practically speaking, with Arval Connect customers can expect:

•    an optimised TCO: for example, by identifying ways to reduce fuel consumption (up to 16% fuel spend savings),

•    improved safety and a more sustainable fleet: by providing a personalised driving behaviour profile and promoting road safety (up to 25% accident reduction), analysing electrification opportunities and reducing CO2 emissions,

•    a more efficient workforce: offering the possibility to assign urgent tasks, optimising time spent driving and easing tax administration.

Customers receive tailored assistance throughout their project implementation, making sure their journey to connectivity is a success. Arval is committed with a strong and differentiating “money back guarantee”.


One step further: Arval Connect combined with connected insurance

With the aim of increasing safe and eco-conscious driving, reducing the number of road collisions and helping customers save money, Arval is going even further by connecting driving behaviour data with risk management. Arval Connect customers in Italy are the first to benefit from two new pilot services:

•    a Connected insured rental service which will provide a discount on the lease, based on driving history, when the vehicle is insured by Arval,

    •    a Connected Drivers programme to support customers in improving the drivers’ scores. It comes with a set of driver training courses and incentives.


      “At a time when companies are closely monitoring CO2 emissions and fleet, our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals by achieving smarter mobility. With Arval Connect, we provide them with a kind of mini leasing consulting tool that enables tangible benefits and better decisions. Combined with insurance-related services, we offer an innovative approach to encourage safe and eco-conscious driving”, comments Alain van Groenendael, Arval Chairman and CEO.

      Arval Connect is currently deployed in 22 countries.

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