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Arval, a major vehicle leasing company and mobility solution specialist, has reached more than 100,000 vehicles connected through the data received directly from OEMs. These vehicles are part of the 650,000 connected vehicles within Arval’s fleet thanks to the Arval Connect solution.

Mon 29/04/24
People charging electric vehicle
Press release

BNP Paribas Mobility launches new EV charging offer to boost electric vehicle adoption

BNP Paribas Mobility today announced a new offering to simplify and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles for both companies and individuals across Europe. This comprehensive package, launched on a European scale, tackles a key barrier to electric vehicle adoption: convenient and affordable charging points, primarily where a majority of recharges* occur - at home and in the workplace. The initiative actively promotes the transition towards sustainable mobility.

Mon 15/01/24
CP Arval Mobility Pass 092023
Press release

Arval and Betterway launch Arval Mobility Pass: a payment card for employee mobility

Arval, a leader of full-service vehicle leasing and mobility solutions, presents a new offer for companies available in France: the Arval Mobility Pass, a tool to simplify the mobility management of their employees. To launch this solution, Arval is partnering with Betterway, the market leader in sustainable mobility pass for employees in France. Through a physical or virtual card, employees can easily spend their mobility grants, whether they benefit from an FMD (Sustainable Mobility Package), and/ or a Mobility Credit provided by their employer.

Thu 05/10/23
connect data

Unlocking the Power of Data and Energy Efficiency with Arval Connect

In the dynamic realm of fleet management, maintaining a competitive edge necessitates innovative solutions that control expenses, enhance safety, and champion sustainability. Arval, a pioneering leader in leasing services and mobility solutions, rises to this challenge with its groundbreaking offering – Arval Connect. This comprehensive connected solution not only streamlines fleet operations, but also supports the acceleration of the transition towards sustainable mobility, making significant strides towards energy efficiency.  

Wed 27/09/23
Women riding a car

Arval Driving Rewards: Championing Safe and Responsible Driving

In today's rapidly evolving world of mobility, safety and sustainability remain crucial themes that dominate discussions. To respond to that, Arval, a leader in long-term leasing services and mobility solutions, has unveiled in 2022 an exciting programme in Italy named “Arval Driving Rewards”. This innovative initiative not only encourages safe driving, but also offers substantial rewards for individuals who embrace responsible driving practices.

Wed 20/09/23
Connected Cars
Press release

500,000 connected vehicles in the Arval fleet: a new milestone for Arval Connect

Arval, a leader of full-service leasing and sustainable mobility solutions, has reached the threshold of 500,000 connected vehicles, increasing its connected fleet by 20% compared to last year.

Thu 06/07/23
MG4 Luxury
Press release

“MG Auto Abo Powered by Arval": Arval launches joint car subscription model with MG Motor in Germany

Modern mobility is subject to constant change. This also applies to the market for mobility offers for private individuals. For some years now, the car subscription model has been enjoying growing popularity. In addition to purchasing, financing and leasing, this gives private individuals another alternative for using a car. Against this background, Arval is constantly developing and is deepening its cooperation with the automotive brand MG Motor with a joint car subscription model.

Tue 13/06/23
Arval launches Smart Pool Cars


Smart pool cars allows companies using traditional pool cars to equip them with the Arval car sharing solution in order to digitalise the entry to the pool vehicles thanks to the keyless technology, ease everyday management of their pool’s fleet, expand the use of a given fleet to more people and gain efficiency

Mon 19/09/22