Products & Solutions 29 Apr 2024

Arval, a major vehicle leasing company and mobility solution specialist, has reached more than 100,000 vehicles connected through the data received directly from OEMs. These vehicles are part of the 650,000 connected vehicles within Arval’s fleet thanks to the Arval Connect solution.

In the dynamic realm of fleet management, maintaining a competitive edge necessitates innovative solutions that control expenses, enhance safety, and champion sustainability. Arval, a key player in leasing services and mobility solutions, rises to this challenge with its solution Arval Connect. This comprehensive connected solution supports the acceleration of energy transition but also streamlines fleet operations.

Arval’s use of data from OEMs is an innovative market approach. Their activation does not require the installation of an additional device since the data come directly from the vehicle. Thousands of vehicles, whether they are to be delivered or already on the road, can be connected very quickly and remotely.

As part of Arval Beyond strategy, Arval has announced its ambition to connect 80% of its fleet by 2025. One strong lever to reach this objective is to activate data from the vehicles natively connected by the carmakers.

In February 2024, Arval reached the milestone of 100,000 vehicles connected with OEM data.

Data is a game changer in Fleet management. With OEM data, we can accelerate on enhancing Arval services for our customers and drivers. With real-time information on vehicle usage, we can organize proactively maintenance operations, reduce vehicle downtime and provide expert advice to our customers” says Agnès Van de Walle, Arval Connect Director. “This activation does not require the installation of a specific aftermarket device as we use the one already installed by the car maker. When vehicles are eligible, thousands of vehicles can be connected remotely in a very short time, covering new deliveries as well as fleet on the road. And while the number of natively connected vehicles via OEMs is increasing at a fast pace, the total number of connected vehicles in the Arval fleet now exceeds 650,000 vehicles.

At a time when companies are accelerating on Energy transition while closely monitoring their costs, our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals through smarter mobility. With Arval Connect, we integrate the power of vehicle data in fleet management, providing customers with enhanced quality of service and better insights into their fleet”, comments Alain van Groenendael, Arval Chairman and CEO.

Arval Connect is deployed in 22 countries.

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