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Arval and Betterway launch Arval Mobility Pass: a payment card for employee mobility

Products & Solutions 5 Oct 2023

Arval, a leader of full-service vehicle leasing and mobility solutions, presents a new offer for companies available in France: the Arval Mobility Pass, a tool to simplify the mobility management of their employees. To launch this solution, Arval is partnering with Betterway, the market leader in sustainable mobility pass for employees in France. Through a physical or virtual card, employees can easily spend their mobility grants, whether they benefit from an FMD (Sustainable Mobility Package), and/ or a Mobility Credit provided by their employer.

Since 2020, and as part of the LOM law, French companies have the opportunity to provide their employees with a Sustainable Mobility Package to support their financing of sustainable mobility solutions for their daily commute. Arval wants to offer an easy-to-use tool, centralizing all the benefits granted for commuting and/ or mobility credit, to support human resources departments in the implementation of this measure for sustainable mobility, and to simplify its use by employees.

The Arval Mobility Pass works as a classic bank payment card linked to an account with a BIC and IBAN number. Like a digital meal voucher card, the Arval Mobility Pass allows employees to easily use the amount of their Sustainable Mobility Package and/or Mobility Credit on a wide range of sustainable mobility means (public transportation, carpooling, low-emission car-sharing, bike rental, scooters, etc.) for which the FMD can be used, or an even wider range of mobility services accessible with the Mobility Credit, by integrating the Arval Mobility Pass the same way as their own credit cards.

To offer this service to its clients, Arval has partnered with Betterway, a pioneer company in corporate mobility account offers. Created in 2019, the start-up allows employers to financially participate in their employee travels through a physical and digital card available at 8,000 mobility providers. Today, Betterway counts 50 employees working for more than 130 customers and 40,000 employees. 

“The Arval Mobility Pass is the result of a strong partnership between Arval, a full-service leasing and mobility solutions specialist, and Betterway, a pioneer in mobility payment and mobility benefits management. We offer an easy-to-use, turnkey and best value offer in accordance to the needs of our customers and their employees.” says Barbara Blanc, Partnership, Digital and Marketing Director at Arval France.

“Betterway is delighted to begin this collaboration with a key market player such as Arval. Together, we will pursue this ambitious goal: making sustainable mobility accessible to everyone today. This partnership will ensure better support for employees in changing mobility behaviours by placing them at the heart of energy transition.” says Denis Saada, President and co-founder of Betterway. 

The implementation of the Arval Mobility Pass allows employers to centralize all subsidies: the Sustainable Mobility Package, employer support on public transport subscriptions and/ or a Mobility Credit. They attract and retain their employees by supporting them in the use of sustainable mobility, meet high expectations, especially from young employees, and contribute to enhance the social role of companies towards society. By financially supporting daily commutes, employers have now the opportunity to offer a better standard of living to their employees with a simple and comprehensive tool. 

Thanks to its various mobility offers accessible for all, Arval is able to meet all the needs of employees whether they are eligible for a company vehicle, public transportation users and/ or cyclists. According to a study from the Arval Mobility Observatory, 65% of employees declare they expect their company to be involved in their daily commute.

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