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The Arval Mobility Observatory Fleet and Mobility Barometer 2024

The Fleet and Mobility Barometer 2024 reveals: corporates have confidence in the future of fleet, electrification momentum continues, increased interest in mobility solutions implementation and forecasted growth in usage of connected vehicles data. This year, the annual Fleet & Mobility Barometer is bringing forward six key insights.

Thu 14/03/24

Testimonials of Arval's Women for International Women's Day

Today, it’s the 8th march, the International Women’s Day and for this occasion we decided to leave the floor to 2 Arval’s women to know more about these programmes and what Arval does every day to give women power.

Fri 08/03/24
woman recharging electric vehicle
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Arval’s growth accelerated in 2023, maintaining the strong momentum of previous years.

Fri 08/03/24

How a sustainable mobility policy can help increase the well-being of your employees

Find out how a sustainable mobility policy can help you increase the well-being and engagement of your employees by providing a wide range of commuting options.

Thu 29/02/24

Tax evolution for 2024

Arval Mobility Observatory is pleased to share with you a synthesis of changes to statutory taxation and the associated mechanisms evolutions in Europe, by country.
As follows, you will find a non-exhaustive list highlighting the evolution of Governmental taxation, grants and bonus schemes for 2024 in several European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK).

Thu 15/02/24
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Arval announces major European partnership with car manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dreams)

• Arval, a major vehicle leasing company and mobility solution specialist, announces the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with BYD, a world leader in the manufacturing of electric vehicles.
• In pursuit of its goal to support the transition of its clients’ fleets to electric cars, Arval now adds BYD vehicles to its leasing portfolio dedicated to companies and private individuals.
• On top of the MoU, and after having recently announced their partnerships in Brazil, Arval becomes BYD leasing partner in white label in Italy, Spain and Germany.

Mon 05/02/24
Woman in a bike - dark building2
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Arval announces excellent business results for 2023, with its fleet of leased vehicles growing by 6.9%

Arval performed extremely well in 2023: its fleet now comprises 1,701,540 leased vehicles worldwide, representing an organic growth of 6.9% compared with 2022, well above the market average.

Fri 02/02/24
People charging electric vehicle
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BNP Paribas Mobility launches new EV charging offer to boost electric vehicle adoption

BNP Paribas Mobility today announced a new offering to simplify and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles for both companies and individuals across Europe. This comprehensive package, launched on a European scale, tackles a key barrier to electric vehicle adoption: convenient and affordable charging points, primarily where a majority of recharges* occur - at home and in the workplace. The initiative actively promotes the transition towards sustainable mobility.

Mon 15/01/24
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Arval appoints Ronan Perrier as International Director of Arval Consulting & Arval Mobility Observatory, Oana Duma as Head of Arval Mobility Observatory

Arval, a leader in full-service vehicle leasing and mobility solutions, is pleased to announce new appointments within its organisation: Ronan Perrier, previously Arval Head of Mobility for Corporate, has been recently appointed International Arval Consulting & Arval Mobility Observatory Director. Oana Duma, formerly International Business Development Manager at the Arval International Business Office (IBO), will assume the position of Head of Arval Mobility Observatory (AMO) in December 2023.

Thu 30/11/23