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Arval Romania x BCR Group
Press release

BCR Group and Arval Romania have agreed on the transfer of part of the operational leasing activities of BCR fleet management

BCR Group and Arval Romania have signed an agreement for the transfer of part of the operational leasing activities of BCR Fleet Management.

Tue 07/06/22
EVAA Autonomous Shuttle
Press release

The Arval Autonomous Shuttle resumes service on open roads in France

Arval France, leader in full-service vehicle leasing and new mobility solutions in the country, announces the return of its autonomous shuttle in June 2022, as part of its partnership with the city of Rueil-Malmaison.

Thu 02/06/22
François-Xavier Castille & Stefan Maytàn & Bart Beckers
Press release

Arval announces new appointments

Arval, a global leader in full-service vehicle leasing and new sustainable mobility solutions, announces new appointments regarding its countries’ governance and general organisation. François-Xavier Castille, previously Arval International Managing Director, has been appointed Arval Deputy CEO & Europe and Latin America Managing Director. Stefan Majtán, former Arval Italy General Manager, becomes Arval International Managing Director. They both report to Alain van Groenendael, Arval Chairman and CEO.

Wed 01/06/22

Electrifying Light Commercial Vehicles

Light commercial vehicles account for a disproportionate number of vehicles in cities, where reducing emissions is high priority. CSR targets, fuel costs and exclusion zones are also providing strong change motivators for LCV fleet managers. This combination means LCVs are rapidly going electric. As manufacturers increase the choice of models, and drivers express a preference for driving electric commercial vehicles (eLCVs), fleet managers find themselves making different choices, particular for their urban fleets.

Tue 31/05/22
Sustainable mobility: finance will accelerate the transition

Sustainable mobility: finance will accelerate the transition

Banks and their ecosystems have a major role to play in accelerating companies and industries' transition towards sustainable mobility.

Mon 23/05/22
Charging car sun

Arval announces strong organic growth of leased fleet for its first quarter 2022 results

In conjunction with the publication of BNP Paribas Group’s 2022 first quarter results, Arval announces strong and continued organic growth of its funded fleet (+6.5% vs 31 March 2021), reaching 1,483,317 vehicles. For that same period, 32.7% of Arval new vehicle orders were electrified vehicles (vs 27.2% on 31 March 2021), showing a clear increase in energy transition.

Tue 10/05/22
Vehicle TCO

Vehicle's Total Cost of Ownership outlook

During the last 10 years, the total cost of ownership (TCO) price for a vehicle has followed a constant moderate increase, in line with inflation rates.
This article aims to bring to the readers’ attention the various elements of a vehicle TCO and the factors that affect them. Then to provide some actions that companies can take in order to mitigate these impacts as much as they possibly can.

Tue 10/05/22
Fleet And Mobility Barometer 2022

The Arval Mobility Observatory Fleet and Mobility Barometer 2022

The Arval Mobility Observatory publishes its Fleet and Mobility Barometer 2022, showing resilience of fleets, new mobility means adoption and commitment to energy transition of companies in 26 countries.

Wed 27/04/22
New EV brands Emerging

New EV brands emerging

The established landscape of car brands is being shaken up by the global shift to electric vehicles. Accelerated by changing customer expectations, a hunger for new technology and a simplified manufacturing process, the opportunity for new electric car brands is enormous. New players, particularly from Asia, are emerging. This article makes a concise outlook of the current market state and highlights the new entrants on the EV market.

Tue 12/04/22