Fleet advice

At Arval, fleet advice is in our DNA. Our dedicated account teams help our customers manage their fleet - with improved service, maintenance and repair, tire management, driver safety, efficiency and savings. 

  • 1. A Bespoke Business Review

    Every year (or twice-annually, depending on your preference), our business managers will conduct a full business review of your fleet to re-assess your needs - this covers everything from geography, destinations, business strategy and Arval services provided.

    We pay a lot of attention to your pain points - whether it's the cost of insurance, your overall TCO, or specific CSR KPIs including fuel management and driver safety. We provide the Business Review and recommendations. 

  • 2. Data-Driven Client Solutions

    Your dedicated account team

    We start every relationship by developing a deep understanding of your needs. Our Account Team professionals are ready and willing to advise you, and turn fleet management from a burden into a valuable strategic asset. 

    Insights from your connected fleet  (Country Specific)

    Integrated and consolidated data helps you make faster decisions. Our enabler Arval Active Link [telematics solution] helps to collect, analyze, integrate fleet data and driver patterns into decision-making process. It is developed to respect privacy and ensure data security for you and your drivers. You receive fleet data and fleet alerts to improve your productivity, CSR and reduce costs.

    Fuel card management

    Effective fleet management requires accurate data on when and where your drivers refuel, the cost, and their fuel-efficiency. Arval Fuel Card Management provides a quick and transparent payment mechanism through which we can provide you all necessary data, industry benchmarking, and are able to offer fuel-efficiency advice. 

    Data Privacy

    All personal data is anonymized before any usage by Arval. Data is encrypted, drivers and fleet managers are informed of their rights. We commit to help you to remain GDPR-compliant. 

  • 3. The SMaRT approach

    Only Arval offers the SMaRT approach - Sustainable Mobility and Responsibility Targets. Leading the move towards green mobility across Europe, this new methodology can help to define and implement a fleet energy transition strategy. We take you through a step-by-step approach, including defined future mobility and fleet strategy ambitions, bench-marking against market data, and assessing the current fleet against CSR KPIs. Lowering the CO2 footprint of your fleet with Arval is the SMaRT approach.

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