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Products & Solutions 11 Sep 2017


Arval, the European leader in multi-brand company vehicle leasing, is enhancing its outsourcing solutions. Arval has invested in completely redesigning Arval Outsourcing Solutions around the driver journey and company expectations of operational, financial and CSR performance. In making these solutions available in all the countries where it operates, Arval is reinforcing its commitment to provide ongoing support and assistance to local and international customers.

When it comes to outsourcing, Arval has seen unprecedented growth in demand from its customers (a 30% increase in outsource contracts within its portfolio in the first half of 2017), with the ability to reduce costs and refocus on their core business as their two main motivators. Arval predicts this demand will continue to grow, and has reshaped its Arval Outsourcing Solutions offer to respond to this market development.

Through Arval Outsourcing Solutions, the companies delegate to Arval their day-to-day workload with their drivers, within an agreed framework. This way, they rely on a partner with 25 years of experience in company vehicle leasing, and the unique market leading Account Team model providing standardised, consistent and internationally coherent processes.

Arval Outsourcing Solutions has three components, all central to the driver journey:

• To the Road covers driver assistance for the period before the vehicle is supplied. With this module, Arval ensures that the driver is perfectly acquainted with his budget allowance, company car policy, vehicle selection list, and support him during the configuration and quotation of his car. Arval also makes sure the driver fully masters Arval tools and apps.

• On the Road: This module covers all day-to-day requirements of drivers once the vehicle is on the road : Proactive services booking with direct notification to the drivers, handling of administrative activities directly with drivers (fuel card, insurance certificate…), eco and safety trainings,….

• Off the Road: This module completes the offering by preparing the driver to return his vehicle (date, location,…), inform driver about refurbishment conditions, vehicle purchase conditions,…

For company drivers, Arval Outsourcing Solutions offers complete, end-to-end support, 24/7, offering guidance on vehicle selection, support with all aspects of service essential to keep a driver safe and mobile (from driver training to dealing with accident repairs, claims paperwork and onward mobility), right through to accompanying the driver during the vehicle return process.

For companies, Outsourcing Solutions gives – for a price starting from 6 euros per vehicle per month – complete peace of mind knowing that driver safety, driver mobility and driver satisfaction are managed by Arval. The Arval Outsourcing Solutions offer is underpinned by a comprehensive partnership agreement with stringent guarantees on service delivery and cost controls. In that frame, Arval can financially commit on driver and customer satisfaction through dedicated indicators. Plus, Arval will fully manage the transition process of legacy fleet giving its customers a single point of contact for all their fleet needs.

Lastly, by enabling fleet vehicles to become connected vehicles thanks to telematics technology, Arval Outsourcing Solutions, coupled with Arval Active Link, allows companies to collect and analyse key information on usage and activity of their cars and drivers, and thus to define key performance indicators tailored to their strategy and priorities.

"Providing employees with vehicles is a service that companies always need, and being able to rely on a specialist such as Arval to manage and support their drivers has become essential”, explains Arval CEO Philippe Bismut. "That's why we are offering companies the opportunity to outsource each steps of their drivers’ journey via Outsourcing Solutions. Our ambition is to make Arval Outsourcing Solutions the service of choice for at least 50% of the corporate account market by 2020".

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