Founded in 1944 by Chol-Ho Kim, Kia originally manufactured bicycle components. In 1952 it created its first motorised 2 wheeled vehicle. Then in 1961, Kia really tackled the car manufacturing market under the Asian Motors brand. Today Kia produces some of the most reliable vehicles in the market, and area all supported by a 7 year warranty.

Kia's vehicle range covers all vehicle segments starting with the small city car Picanto. If you're looking for something bigger, then the compact hatchbacks Rio and C'eed are an option. SUVs are covered by the Sportage and Sorrento. They even offer a premium saloon in the form of the Stinger.

Every vehicle can be supplied with an optional Maintenance package that will take care of all routine maintenance, tyres, repairs and breakdown. An advantage of leasing a Kia with Arval is that we have access to any vehicle on the german market, so get in touch and we will find something to suit your needs.

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