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Electric vehicles are rapidly becoming an integral part of many corporate fleets. Arval offers inclusive solutions, with expert advice and fleet support to ensure a smooth transition to electrified vehicles. 

Electric vehicles have unique advantages for your fleet:


Fulfil your corporate social responsibility target, with a lower emissions footprint


Lower your fleet maintenance costs with electric vehicles


Improve your fleet's average fuel-economy


Lower cost parking, no congestion charges


    Operating electric cars and vans is still new for many, but they offer great potential for your fleet. Fuel, service, maintenance and repair costs are greatly reduced contributing to a more competitive overall TCO. Arval can offer you expert advice on when electric vehicles are a good option for your business. Then, we will support your transition. Interested in finding out if electric vehicles could benefit your fleet and corporate social responsibility targets?

    Identify the electrification potential 

    Arval experts conduct a 'SMaRT audit' of your fleet, analyse your fleet car usage, vehicle sizes and mileage, and advise accordingly, identifying when and where an electric (or electrified) vehicle may be right.

    Comprehensive charging solutions

    Arval’s EV offer includes the charging infrastructure, installed both at your office and at your drivers' homes. We ensure access to public charging points and support automatic reimbursement for home charging.

    We make it easy 

    Try out an electric vehicle for a month or two to see if it's right for your business. At Arval, you can return it without any additional charges. 

White paper

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Delivering the future
A guide to operating electric vans
Mainstream manufacturers are increasing the choice of electric LCVs available to fleets. It’s a watershed moment, providing usable zero emissions options. This guide is designed to provide a basic introduction in four key areas: compliance, day-to-day operation, safety and servicing.
Electric vehicle 1
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