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Arval Active Link is one of our most innovative solutions. Learn more about this exciting product and the benefits that it can offer to organisations with many different kinds of fleet management priorities. 


What is Arval Active Link?

Arval Active Link is is a comprehensive telematics solution fully integrated in Arval Core services. It’s an undeniable principle that better insight into your fleet means better decisions – but how do you reach the data that would make a real difference? Arval Active Link is designed to use new technology to provide all our clients  with the level of information required to deliver significant gains.


What is its aim?

Arval Active Link collects real world data and converts it into reports and KPIs that can be used to improve your fleet management in many different ways - to reduce fleet costs, encourage responsible driving, reduce the number and severity of accidents, manage environmental impact, monitor mileage, avoid contract deviations and create alerts about frauds, theft and vehicle misuse. Arval Active Link is a global solution built in flexible modules, allowing customers to adapt the scope of features to their needs, vehicles usage and local regulations (for instance:  fiscal, labour, data protection regulations).


Which fleets are target customers for Arval Active Link?

Almost any fleet can potentially benefit from using  Arval Active Link. Its benefits work as well for a small fleet operating from one location to a large multi-national organisation with a fleet presence in several countries.


What kind of data can be collected?

Arval Active Link is not a “tracking solution” but rather an “optimizing solution” according to priorities defined in collaboration with clients, priorities which depend on key objectives and action plan on client’s side, for instance : drivers safety “drivers training based on safety driving profiles defined by telematics”, TCO optimization on the basis of actual usage of vehicles, CSR performance optimization based on CO2 emissions monitoring etc…  As such, the information collected and how it is used depends very much on the needs and priorities of the individual customer. For example, if your priority is cost saving, you can gather data on fuel consumption and see how different approaches can reduce fuel use. If you are more concerned with the environment, you can use Arval Active Link to gather CO2 information in a similar manner.


How can the informations gathered in Arval Active Link be used?

The information gathered can be used in many different ways. We can anonymise Arval Active Link data to allow fleets to benchmark as well as looking at standard distributions and other analytical tools. Arval can get data on more than 1,000,000 vehicles so there are amazing opportunities.


Can Arval Active Link be used to improve driver safety?

Yes, we can gather data about mileages that are being covered and also time spent behind the wheel as well as some key aspects of on-road behaviour. These are then compared to the safety profile in Arval Active Link to look ways in which drivers can be protected from accidents, both on an individual and a fleet-wide basis. There is also an eco-driving profile that uses similar data to look at environmental performance.


How does Arval Active Link work with the Arval Smart Approach?

Arval’s new approach, SMaRT – standing for Sustainable Mobility and Responsibility Targets - is a five step process used to help clients define and implement their fleet energy transition strategy. The phases are sustainability ambitions, current fleet analysis, transition to green fleet, alternative mobility solutions and sustainability targets.

We believe that the ability to gather highly accurate data through Arval Active Link and then process it using SMaRT is the current pinnacle of fleet management thinking. It provides information that has, until today, been unavailable and subjects it to a rigorous and productive process to deliver results that we believe will be outstanding.


How might this work in practise?

One of the key elements of SMaRT is to look at the adoption and use of different motorisation types such as hybrids and EVs in the mixed-fuel fleets of the future. Arval Active Link and SMaRT could be used to construct sophisticated fleet policies, based on extensive real world data, to show which kinds of vehicles were best suited to different applications and profiles.


Will Arval Active Link be further developed?

The plan for Arval Active Link is to continuously enhance the product to meet changing needs and take advantage of technological opportunities. The product is a key part of our objective of providing better and better fleet management.

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