CP Carglass-Arval 14 septembre 2023

Carglass® electrifies its fleet with Arval

Sustainable mobility 10 Oct 2023

Arval, a leader in long-term leasing of vehicles and mobility solutions, supports Carglass® in the management and electrification of its vehicle fleet.

In line with its strategic plan Arval Beyond, Arval aims to become a leader in sustainable mobility with the objective of electrifying 150,000 vehicles in its fleet in France by 2025 and reducing its global fleet emissions by 35%.

Arval's goal is to assist its clients in their energy transition. Moreover, according to the 2019 French Mobility Orientation Law (LOM) and the 2021 French Climate and Resilience law, companies that manage fleets of over 100 vehicles must have replaced 10% of their fleet with low-emission vehicles (full electric or plug-in hybrids) as of 1 January 2022, going up to 20% as of 1 January 2024. Additionally, there are Low Emission Zones (LEZ), and taxation on high CO2-emitting vehicles, which is offset by favourable measures for electrified powertrains. Everything is in motion for companies to start the energy transition of their fleets.

As of the end of 2022, Carglass® has a long-term leased fleet of 343 vehicles with Arval, comprising:
•    240 LCVs, of which 96% are diesel-powered and 4% electric.
•    103 personal vehicles, with 46% diesel, 27% petrol, and 27% hybrid and plug-in hybrid. 

Today, the range of electrified utility vehicles is expanding rapidly and should soon enable companies to electrify their LCV fleets more quickly. In light of this, Carglass® is fast-tracking the shift of its LCV fleet towards electric. By the end of 2023, the entire service fleet will consist of 100% battery electric vehicles.

Carglass®'s ambition also extends to personal vehicles, with a goal of achieving 100% low-emission vehicles (fully electric or plug-in hybrids) by 2027.

The shift towards a more sustainable Carglass® fleet intensified in 2022 with Arval's support in procuring 328 fully electric LCVs. On the personal vehicle front, diesel engines, which once made up nearly half of the fleet, have been entirely phased out. Instead, the fleet now consists of 10% electric, 10% ethanol and electric, and 80% hybrid vehicles (including 20% non-plug-in hybrid vehicles). 

We are delighted to support Carglass® in the energy transition of their fleet. Arval is working alongside Carglass® to make mobility a key driver of employee retention and enhancing competitiveness in their industry,” says Margy Demazy, Sales Director of Arval France.

As a French specialist in vehicle glass repair and replacement, our aim is to have an all-electric service vehicle fleet by the end of this year. With Arval's support, we are committed to minimising our environmental footprint while optimising the cost of maintaining our fleet," says Mourad Fellah, Fleet Manager at Carglass®.

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