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Products & Solutions 19 May 2020


journey goes on


  • From 6.99€ / day for a new car, including all services
  • Fast-track delivery
  • 100% from home
  • 3,000+ Arval used cars for buying or leasing



  • A car NOW!
  • e-Bike leasing
  • Adapted operations to comply with social-distancing and driver safety
  • Cost optimisation through contract extensions


Arval, the specialist in full service vehicle leasing and a leading mobility player, is constantly adapting its offer and anticipating the needs of companies and individuals in terms of mobility. Arval is now launching a comprehensive offer specially designed for the post-lockdown period to support its customers who are dealing with the consequences of the pandemic and, more importantly, to help them restart their business and get back to work with safe, sustainable and cost-effective mobility solutions.

As soon as the COVID-19 crisis started, Arval took the necessary measures to help its customers and drivers face its impact. Now that the lockdown measures have been lifted in many of Arval’s countries, new accelerating trends are being observed in terms of mobility: higher expectations in terms of disinfection and protection, widespread teleworking, massive use of door-to-door delivery services, and the need for alternative mobility solutions. To support its customers, Businesses (from large international companies to smaller SMEs and self-employed professionals) and Consumers, Arval is now launching its new “The Journey Goes On” offer.

“Arval changed its brand signature a few months ago to “For the many journeys in life”. More than ever, we believe that our mission is to help our customers, their drivers and individuals, to face the new journey we are all engaging in. They are all calling for more flexibility, as well as more safety. We want to be there for them, and that’s what “The Journey Goes On” is all about”, comments Alain van Groenendael, Arval Chairman & CEO.


In the current context, a personal car is the right option to move around safely. It has to be affordable, easy and fast. These are the ingredients of the Journey goes on for Individuals and self-employed professionals alike:

  • From 6.99€ / day for a new car, including all services: maintenance, insurance, tires, assistance (limited number / 36 month + contract)


  • Fast-track delivery: 2 weeks delivery for many cars in stock (5000+ cars).


  • 100% from home: order your car from your sofa and get it delivered to your door


  • In addition, a large stock also of 3,000+ Arval used cars for buying or leasing


An increasing number of individuals and professionals/ small businesses are choosing full service leasing for their cars since this solution does not require any down payments or large cash investments, and is hassle free, because it includes all services. With the current situation, and The Journey Goes On offer, leasing makes even better sense in this period of uncertainty. Arval believes more people will benefit from these safe, convenient solutions for their mobility.


The Journey Goes On offer is also designed for Companies and is built around three main pillars to answer their specific needs:

  • A car NOW!: Flexible & immediate car leasing solutions to help companies restart their business: a large stock of sanitized cars immediately available for leasing for just a few months, especially adapted for commuters and workers who want to move around safely. A “Staff rotation” option allows for safe and regular driver swapping with the same car (every week or more).


  • e-Bike leasing, as a safe and eco-friendly alternative for daily trips: for employees living up to 15km away from their office, eBike is one of the healthiest and most sustainable mobility options to travel to work.


  • Adapted operations to comply with social-distancing and driver safety: car pick-up and delivery at home or office, on-site maintenance, car sanitization.


Arval has always stood by its customers to help them face all the challenges they meet. As soon as the lockdown began, the company started helping its customers experiencing difficulties by offering – among other initiatives – to review their contracts, especially by extending them. The Journey Goes On offer has been designed with the same mind-set. The offer dedicated to individuals is also available for the employees of companies who want to provide them with an alternative mobility mean such as Electric Bike leasing or Electric Vehicle leasing – one of Arval’s key area of expertise.

The Journey Goes On will be progressively launched across Arval’s 8 biggest territories (France, Italy, UK, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Belgium) and further extended within the Arval world. In all territories, the content of the offer is adapted to local conditions and constraints.

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