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Products & Solutions 1 Feb 2021


Arval further reinforces its ambition to become the leader in sustainable mobility with the launch of a set of new mobility services, which together represent an industry first.


This new offering is part of the strategic plan Arval Beyond recently launched with one main ambition: to become a leading player in sustainable mobility through the rollout of its 360° Mobility offer. Building on that, and following the recent launch of bike leasing in 8 countries, the new threefold approach includes:

  • The Arval Mobility Hub, which gathers shared mobility options – including: car, bike and micro-mobility solutions – available at Arval corporate clients’ premises, to make them easily accessible to all employees.
  • The Arval Mobility App, which enables employees to choose the most suitable mobility option for their journey, at the tap of a finger.
  • Arval Mobility Consulting, a dedicated option designed by Arval Consulting to support its clients in setting up and putting in place their new mobility policies.

The Arval Mobility App is available in France and Germany, after having been successfully launched in the Netherlands. The Arval Mobility Hub is also launching in France. The services are then set to roll out progressively in the rest of Europe. Arval is supported by BNP Paribas Cash Management and Axepta BNP Paribas Solutions for the payment component of its mobility services. Arval Mobility Consulting is offered in 11 countries in Europe.


A new offering to better serve corporate needs

Companies have clearly identified needs in terms of mobility policy. According to the latest edition of the Arval Mobility Observatory barometer, 74% of companies in Europe have already implemented or plan to implement at least one alternative mobility solution for their employees within the next 3 years. In doing so, they want to reduce their ecological footprint, increase their attractiveness as an employer, and reduce costs.

"Companies know that their future in terms of employees’ mobility lies in being able to offer to all of them – and not only to those eligible for company cars – a set of mobility options for their professional and also their personal use. At Arval, one of our missions is to make this future a reality. We offer a complete range of mobility services integrated in one single app, along with the public transport options available locally. To go even further, and with the support of Arval Mobility Consulting, we offer our clients end-to-end support to implement their new multifaceted mobility policy”, explained Alain van Groenendael, Arval Chairman & CEO.


The Arval Mobility Hub, a place where employees find the shared mobility option they need

Arval wants to simplify employees' daily journeys, whatever their mode of travel or purpose (remote working, business meetings, personal trips etc.). Thanks to the Arval Mobility Hub, they can select in a single location the sustainable mobility option they need car-sharing, bike-sharing, micro-mobility sharing.

Arval Mobility App: a mobility aggregator designed for companies and their employees

By collating various mobility options in one single app, Arval allows its clients to make their mobility policy tangible and easily accessible for all of their employees. Employees, in turn, can plan, book and pay on demand for the mobility means that best suit their needs to optimise their journey.


Launch of Arval Mobility Consulting

To help its clients build a mobility policy adapted to their needs and those of their employees, Arval launches in parallel "Arval Mobility Consulting", an integrated consulting solution specially designed to implement a multifaceted mobility policy. Derived from the Arval SMaRT approach launched in 2018, it consists of 3 stages:

1/ Setting customer objectives and ambitions regarding the transition to sustainable mobility

2/ Understanding their current mobility practices

3/ Recommending and implementing the appropriate solutions adapted to each employee profile.


A global approach

True to its words, Arval always tests its new products and services on its own teams to make sure that they perfectly fit both our local and global clients’ needs and expectations. Therefore, the Arval Mobility App in France and Germany is first launched internally and with selected clients, before being offered to all of its clients in a few months’ time.

Next Arval press communication will occur on February 10th 2021 to share the company's activity results in 2020 and its perspectives for 2021.

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