Strategy 25 Mar 2019


Arval, a leading multi-brand provider of full service car leasing solutions and a committed actor to innovation in the mobility sector, is joining the MaaS (Mobility-as-aService) Alliance. MaaS Alliance is a public-private partnership, which aims at creating the foundations for a common approach to mobility as a service: the integration of various forms of transport services into a single mobility service accessible on demand. 

The MaaS Alliance commits to facilitate the implementation of advanced mobility solutions and to support creation of a single, open market in Europe and beyond that allows for the full deployment of mobility as a service. The Alliance holds around 75 members, public institutions, established companies and startups, including cities eager to develop integrated mobility solutions.

As a key actor in the mobility field, Arval aims at developing transport options to fit every need. Arval is proud to partner with the MaaS Alliance to work hand in hand towards building tomorrow’s mobility solutions. This partnership fits in with Arval’s strategy and confirms its ambition to stay ahead of the game in the mobility sector.

“In recent years, the mobility sector has been profoundly impacted by new technologies, new tendencies. Our customers and prospects – be they large corporates, small companies or even individuals – are more and more eager for green, digital solutions. In this context, it is with great pleasure that we announce our recent partnership with MaaS Alliance. We are excited to work with fellow European actors and cities to pave the way forward in the mobility world with innovative offers”, declares Alain Van Groenendael, Arval CEO.

“We are delighted to start working with Arval. We believe that creating an ecosystem of various actors dedicated to working towards the same goal is a key step towards ensuring the future of the mobility sector” declares Jacob Bangsgaard, the MaaS Alliance President.

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