People 23 Jan 2019


Arval is a place for people in action and has always had a strong reputation for developing its employees. In 2018, this has been taken to a new level with the launch of the Arval Talent Care Programme. The Arval Talent Care Programme aims at developing a pool of “talents” who will provide value-adding support to the Arval global business and help powering future growth.

Through its Talent Care Programme, Arval advocates for employee evolution through continuous learning and promotes employee engagement at an international level. In 2018, Arval proposed creative and innovation-focused workshops to build future forefront leaders. The outcomes of the first graduating class have been very successful. Over the one-year course, 40 Arval employees, aged between 27 and 45 were chosen by a selected committee for their high performance and leadership potential, in order to engage in an international programme specifically designed around their professional and personal development needs.

Each talent was assigned a Mentor among the Arval Senior Management who helped design their personal development plan. Arval actively works towards creating an environment of trust and transparency in which mentoring is a crucial component. The purpose of this twelve-month course was to encourage and strengthen the leadership, and innovative abilities of the participants. For example, one of the workshops included meeting with startups leaders whose business directly challenges Arval to inspire talents to develop dynamic state-of-minds and place innovation at the heart of their work.

The Talent Care Programme will be restarted in 2019 taking on board lessons learnt from the past year. 2019 will also see the establishment of an Arval Talent Care Programme Alumni, with talents from previous editions meeting with current talents to give birth to an international community, foster peer-mentoring and promote internal mobility.

Making the most of this human experience, Bernard Blanco, Arval HR Director declared “Arval Talent Care Journey is not about a destination but about a team experience and a personal and company development adventure.”

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