Battery webinar

Webinar Battery From production to recycling

Arval Mobility Observatory 13 Dec 2022

Paris, 1st of December 2022


Webinar: Battery From production to recycling.


The automotive world is facing a key shift towards fleet electrification due to environmental challenges and European regulations. As a consequence battery supply has become a critical issue.   


During this webinar, you will discover how to optimize the life of an electric vehicle battery from the relocation of battery production with the development of gigafactories in Europe, the in life usage of the battery through to battery recycling.

Our guests Yann Vincent, Chief Executive Officer of ACC, a company dedicated to the manufacture of EV batteries in Europe, and Serge Pelissier, Senior Researcher at the University Gustave Eiffel have shared their views on these different strategic aspects.


If you want to discover more on battery recycling don't hesitate to download our e-book: 

The challenges of battery recycling in 10 questions (



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