The Last Mile

The Last Mile

Arval Mobility Observatory 16 Jun 2020

The Last mile

The ‘last mile’ challenge is as simple as it is complicated.

How do you move people, services, and goods the last mile of their urban journey without clogging up city centres?

Whether it’s a journey of 100 kilometers or 1,000 kilometers, the first and last mile, is often taking place in an environment where new mobility solutions are becoming increasingly important.

Cities and the associated urban infrastructure designed to cater for the automobile are coming under significant pressure. Urbanization over the last century means that the available space is shrinking. The last mile is simply too congested, with some city centre authorities imposing restrictions on fossil-fuel-powered vehicles.

From an environmental, social and economic perspective, this publication will describe the last mile challenges as they are perceived today, the existing solutions and concrete micromobility applications.

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