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The evolution of Low Emission Zones (LEZ) in Europe: Impacts and perspectives

Learn about the development and proliferation of low emission zones (LEZs) in Europe, and their impact on air quality and public health.

Tue 25/06/24

The new OEM entrants in Europe in 2020-2024: Evolution and perspectives

Find out more about the evolution, opportunities, challenges, and perspectives of new OEM entrants in Europe in 2020-2024 and beyond.

Thu 30/05/24

Testimonials of Arval's Women for International Women's Day

Today, it’s the 8th march, the International Women’s Day and for this occasion we decided to leave the floor to 2 Arval’s women to know more about these programmes and what Arval does every day to give women power.

Fri 08/03/24

How a sustainable mobility policy can help increase the well-being of your employees

Find out how a sustainable mobility policy can help you increase the well-being and engagement of your employees by providing a wide range of commuting options.

Thu 29/02/24

Tax evolution for 2024

Arval Mobility Observatory is pleased to share with you a synthesis of changes to statutory taxation and the associated mechanisms evolutions in Europe, by country.
As follows, you will find a non-exhaustive list highlighting the evolution of Governmental taxation, grants and bonus schemes for 2024 in several European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK).

Thu 15/02/24
Fleet Europe Days 23

Arval attended the Fleet Europe Days 2023 in Lisbon

The 2023 edition of Fleet Europe Days has come to an end. The top event for fleet and mobility decision makers, which took place in Lisbon on the 22nd and 23rd of November, has brought together industry leaders for an international conference on the transformative journey of the mobility sector and its latest innovations and challenges.

Tue 28/11/23
connect data

Unlocking the Power of Data and Energy Efficiency with Arval Connect

In the dynamic realm of fleet management, maintaining a competitive edge necessitates innovative solutions that control expenses, enhance safety, and champion sustainability. Arval, a pioneering leader in leasing services and mobility solutions, rises to this challenge with its groundbreaking offering – Arval Connect. This comprehensive connected solution not only streamlines fleet operations, but also supports the acceleration of the transition towards sustainable mobility, making significant strides towards energy efficiency.  

Wed 27/09/23
Women riding a car

Arval Driving Rewards: Championing Safe and Responsible Driving

In today's rapidly evolving world of mobility, safety and sustainability remain crucial themes that dominate discussions. To respond to that, Arval, a leader in long-term leasing services and mobility solutions, has unveiled in 2022 an exciting programme in Italy named “Arval Driving Rewards”. This innovative initiative not only encourages safe driving, but also offers substantial rewards for individuals who embrace responsible driving practices.

Wed 20/09/23