Arval Energy: Arval joins smartEn to promote sustainable energy solutions

Strategy 28 May 2024

Arval, a major vehicle full-service leasing and mobility solution specialist, announces becoming an official member of smartEn – Smart Energy Europe, the business association integrating the consumer-driven solutions of the clean energy transition. Perfectly aligned with smartEn’s mission, Arval recently announced the creation of Arval Energy, a strategic initiative to develop synergies between mobility and energy markets and promote the use of more sustainable means of mobility and energy. Arval thus becomes the first and only leasing company to join the association.

Arval, which already owns a fleet of 191,000* battery electric vehicles, with the goal of leasing 350,000 by 2025, supports its customers in the energy transition of their fleet, and overall, in reducing their CO2 emissions. Joining smartEn, a European association committed to integrating consumer solutions in the transition to sustainable energy, reflects Arval’s vision in creating an ecosystem and opportunities for every company, building or vehicle to actively contribute to a more renewable energy system.

An innovative approach to sustainable mobility

Uniting 100 companies, smartEn brings together market players offering a diverse array of smart technologies and data-driven energy services. The association's mission is to empower every European consumer to unlock their demand-side flexibility potential. This active engagement enables consumers to adjust their consumption, energy storage, and on-site generation, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable decarbonisation pathway.

Arval’s entry into smartEn marks an important step in the electric mobility sector. With Arval Energy, an initiative with a strong expertise that benefits from a full network of specialists, Arval aims to proactively contribute to the development of renewable energies by taking advantage of smart charging solutions for its electric vehicles. The purpose is to guide customers through the usage of the batteries of their electric vehicles to store energy produced from wind and solar powers, to then inject it back to the grid when demand reaches its peak. This is possible thanks to the technologies of Smart Charging/V1G, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Home (V2H), which Arval Energy is initiating through recent and future partnerships with expert providers and companies in the sector.

"We are delighted to announce our partnership with smartEn in Europe. This strategic approach, driven by our recently launched initiative Arval Energy, reinforces Arval’s commitment to sustainable mobility and energy solutions. As the first full-service leasing company to join smartEn, we see this collaboration as an opportunity to lead by example. We envision a future where our electric vehicles not only contribute to more sustainable mobility, but actively participate in the renewable energy ecosystem. By partnering with smartEn, we aim to drive innovation, to be advocate for favorable regulations and to communicate the benefits of smart energy solutions to all our stakeholders”, comments Alain van Groenendael, Chairman and CEO of Arval.

"This strategic partnership with smartEn marks a significant step in our vision that is Arval Energy. By becoming a member of the association, we are determined to shape a future where electric mobility and smart and innovative energy solutions will play a crucial role in the transition to a more sustainable economy”, says Hugo Salaun, Chief Strategy Officer at Arval.

We are delighted to welcome Arval in the smartEn community. Our partnership reflects our shared vision for a decarbonised, digitalised and consumer-centric energy system where decentralised energy resources enable energy users to play an active role towards climate neutrality“, declares Michael Villa, smartEn Executive Director.  

A centralized network for sustainable energy solutions

Joining smartEn puts Arval at the heart of a centralized network for sustainable energy solutions, simplifying the collaboration with other industry leaders and stakeholders. This interconnected network aligns with smartEn’s goal to create a unique cross-sector voice for the players in this innovative market that promotes energy, digital, decentralized, and decarbonized solutions.

Being a member of smartEn also positions Arval as a pioneer in the adoption of innovative mobility approaches. Thanks to Arval Energy, and by actively participating in the transition to more sustainable solutions, Arval seeks to empower its energy users through flexible demand, storage, auto-generation and community projects, in line with smartEn’s mission.

* at of the end of April 2024, worldwide
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