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People charging electric vehicle
Press release

BNP Paribas Mobility launches new EV charging offer to boost electric vehicle adoption

BNP Paribas Mobility today announced a new offering to simplify and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles for both companies and individuals across Europe. This comprehensive package, launched on a European scale, tackles a key barrier to electric vehicle adoption: convenient and affordable charging points, primarily where a majority of recharges* occur - at home and in the workplace. The initiative actively promotes the transition towards sustainable mobility.

Mon 15/01/24
Press release

Arval appoints Ronan Perrier as International Director of Arval Consulting & Arval Mobility Observatory, Oana Duma as Head of Arval Mobility Observatory

Arval, a leader in full-service vehicle leasing and mobility solutions, is pleased to announce new appointments within its organisation: Ronan Perrier, previously Arval Head of Mobility for Corporate, has been recently appointed International Arval Consulting & Arval Mobility Observatory Director. Oana Duma, formerly International Business Development Manager at the Arval International Business Office (IBO), will assume the position of Head of Arval Mobility Observatory (AMO) in December 2023.

Thu 30/11/23
Arval x XXImo cards
Press release

Arval and XXImo seal strategic partnership to contribute to the transformation of corporate mobility in Europe with a new mobility Visa card: the Arval Mobility Pass

Arval, a European leader in full-service leasing and multi-mobility solutions, has entered a strategic collaboration with XXImo a leading payment and mobility platform as well as a Visa Principal member. Through this partnership, XXImo is becoming a Arval key partner in Europe on its Arval Mobility Pass – a simple, yet innovative, solution combining a payment card, an app, and a management portal to simplify corporate mobility for employers and employees alike. The Arval Mobility Pass is integrated with Visa’s advanced payment technology, ensuring wide coverage across all mobility services throughout Europe.

Thu 16/11/23
Press release

ZEEKR and BNP Paribas Mobility announce a long-term strategic partnership for electric mobility financing in Europe

- ZEEKR, premium electric mobility brand, part of GEELY Group, partners with BNP Paribas Personal Finance and Arval in Europe to deploy a full and comprehensive range of services to ZEEKR end-customers.
- Relying on BNP Paribas' expertise, the partnership will provide financing, full-service leasing and insurance services covering all aspects of mobility to ZEEKR end-customers.
- This partnership is an integral part of the BNP Paribas Mobility initiative, which brings together all the Group's expertise to support its partners and serve its clients in the field of mobility.

Thu 12/10/23
CP Carglass-Arval 14 septembre 2023
Press release

Carglass® electrifies its fleet with Arval

Arval, a leader in long-term leasing of vehicles and mobility solutions, supports Carglass® in the management and electrification of its vehicle fleet.

In line with its strategic plan Arval Beyond, Arval aims to become a leader in sustainable mobility with the objective of electrifying 150,000 vehicles in its fleet in France by 2025 and reducing its global fleet emissions by 35%.

Tue 10/10/23
CP Arval Mobility Pass 092023
Press release

Arval and Betterway launch Arval Mobility Pass: a payment card for employee mobility

Arval, a leader of full-service vehicle leasing and mobility solutions, presents a new offer for companies available in France: the Arval Mobility Pass, a tool to simplify the mobility management of their employees. To launch this solution, Arval is partnering with Betterway, the market leader in sustainable mobility pass for employees in France. Through a physical or virtual card, employees can easily spend their mobility grants, whether they benefit from an FMD (Sustainable Mobility Package), and/ or a Mobility Credit provided by their employer.

Thu 05/10/23
woman in a bike
Press release

Arval 2023 Half-Year Results

In an environment that remains complex for the automotive sector, Arval's activity growth continued during the first half of 2023 with orders increasing by 10.8% compared to the first half of 2022, maintaining the positive momentum of previous years.

Mon 11/09/23
Connected Cars
Press release

500,000 connected vehicles in the Arval fleet: a new milestone for Arval Connect

Arval, a leader of full-service leasing and sustainable mobility solutions, has reached the threshold of 500,000 connected vehicles, increasing its connected fleet by 20% compared to last year.

Thu 06/07/23
Press release

4.4 million vehicles – 56 countries: Arval, Element Fleet Management And Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service sign new tri-party agreement, expanding geographical coverage and scope in the Asia Pacific region

PARIS, TORONTO and TOKYO, June 30, 2023 – Arval, Element Fleet Management (“Element”) and Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service (“SMAS”), through the Element-Arval Global Alliance (“the Alliance”), today announced a tri-lateral strategic cooperation agreement. The agreement will facilitate enhanced access for global clients to full-service lease and fleet management services in the markets of Japan, Thailand, India and Indonesia through SMAS.

Fri 30/06/23