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The evolution of Low Emission Zones (LEZ) in Europe: Impacts and perspectives

Learn about the development and proliferation of low emission zones (LEZs) in Europe, and their impact on air quality and public health.

Tue 25/06/24

The new OEM entrants in Europe in 2020-2024: Evolution and perspectives

Find out more about the evolution, opportunities, challenges, and perspectives of new OEM entrants in Europe in 2020-2024 and beyond.

Thu 30/05/24

The Arval Mobility Observatory Fleet and Mobility Barometer 2024

The Fleet and Mobility Barometer 2024 reveals: corporates have confidence in the future of fleet, electrification momentum continues, increased interest in mobility solutions implementation and forecasted growth in usage of connected vehicles data. This year, the annual Fleet & Mobility Barometer is bringing forward six key insights.

Thu 14/03/24

How a sustainable mobility policy can help increase the well-being of your employees

Find out how a sustainable mobility policy can help you increase the well-being and engagement of your employees by providing a wide range of commuting options.

Thu 29/02/24

Tax evolution for 2024

Arval Mobility Observatory is pleased to share with you a synthesis of changes to statutory taxation and the associated mechanisms evolutions in Europe, by country.
As follows, you will find a non-exhaustive list highlighting the evolution of Governmental taxation, grants and bonus schemes for 2024 in several European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK).

Thu 15/02/24

The Arval Mobility Observatory ebook and webinar Towards an end to crashes

Across much of Europe, we have made significant progress in terms of road safety over the past two decades – road traffic fatalities have fallen by two thirds since 2000. But the rate of improvement has stalled recently, with half of European countries even posting increased vehicle-related fatalities in 2021. In spite of vast improvements to vehicle safety, we are not yet on the trajectory set out by “Vision Zero” – the European Union’s aim to reduce Road Safety deaths by half through the end of 2030 and to zero by 2050.
Protecting human lives and livelihoods disproportionately contributes to economic and social gain. What’s more, improving road safety and reducing emissions are both clear commitments made within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.And it simply makes sense; it’s the humane thing to do.

This is why we felt it important to write this paper now – to reemphasize the urgency of this problem, highlight the key levers, and outline opportunities for improvement.

Fri 30/06/23
Arval Mobility Observatory Fleet and Mobility Barometer

The Arval Mobility Observatory Fleet and Mobility Barometer 2023

The Arval Mobility Observatory, an industry expert in the recording and forecasting of corporate mobility trends, has published the results of its latest barometer, an international survey, unique in terms of scope but also in terms of topics discussed. In 2023, a record number of company decision makers were interviewed to gather feedback from 30 countries. For the first time, the barometer includes the Element- Arval Global Alliance countries of USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico.

Tue 30/05/23

Our World Mobility Tour: Valladolid, becoming a sustainable mobility capital

The next stop in our World Mobility Tour is to the city of Valladolid. Embarked on a city redesign process, participating in projects like "Connected Cities" and "Horizon Europe: One Hundred Climate-Neutral Smart Cities by 2030”, pioneer in traffic restrictions to preserve air quality, and in reducing the speed limit to 30 km/h in the city center before it was mandated by the Spanish traffic code; Valladolid is taking significant steps to become a sustainable mobility capital. Our discussion with Oscar Puente, the Mayor of the city, enables us to discover all the aspects and the strategy of this city regarding the mobility topic.

Thu 13/04/23