Arval x Zenride

Arval switches gears by launching a long-term leasing offer for bikes to all its clients and employees with Zenride

Strategy 22 Jun 2023

To support the growth of the bicycle market, Arval is expanding its long-term leasing offer through a partnership with the start-up Zenride, specialized in bike leasing solutions.

Arval launched its bicycle offer in 2021, available for a long-term lease, in bike sharing and in a 6-wheeler solution (car + bike lease), in line with its Arval Beyond strategy to evolve its business model from long-term vehicle rental to an even wider mobility concept, including cars.

In the purpose of solidifying its bike offering and deploying it to all its customers, Arval has just signed a partnership with the start-up Zenride, a bike rental specialist created in 2018.
The main objective of this partnership is to accelerate the deployment of bicycles among Arval customers through a redesigned offer:

  • An expansion of the catalogue of bicycles available, with more than 700 sales outlets in France and specialized websites.
  • An easy access to bike withdrawal and maintenance services throughout France.
  • A simpler “all-included” offer, providing safety kit, maintenance and insurance. 


By relying on this new partner, Arval’s ambition is to offer a simple and seamless user experience throughout France. It is also an opportunity to provide solutions adapted to the expectations and needs of all its employees and customers. Arval brings its customer knowledge and commercial expertise as a major player in the long-term leasing and mobility market.

This collaboration with Zenride significantly strengthens the offer already available to other partners.

“Thanks to this new partnership, Arval is accelerating its bicycle plan by showcasing an ambitious offer. It is built on a wide choice of models, available in many points of sale and online merchants; and is customer-centric, playing on 3 key concepts: simplicity, universality and proximity. This bicycle strategy is based on an all-included offer, covering safety equipment, insurance, and maintenance and after-sales service. As per usual, we have already proceeded with its launch to our internal teams, and it proved to be a real success. At the end of June, it will become available to all our customers.” says Barbara Blanc, Director of Partnerships, Digital and Marketing.

“We are proud of this partnership with Arval, which makes our offer accessible to a large number of companies in France.  We also show that start-ups and large groups can join forces to capitalize on each other’s strengths and help each other develop and grow. Thanks to this partnership, many companies will be able to achieve their HR and CSR commitments for a positive impact, and thousands of employees will be able to make the choice of using bikes every day." says Olivier Issaly, CEO of Zenride.

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