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18 Mar 2021


Rueil-Malmaison, 18 March 2021

Arval Mobility Consulting is being launched as a new answer to rapidly changing corporate mobility needs. It comes as an update of Arval’s successful SMaRT approach (Sustainable Mobility and Responsibility Targets), launched in 2018. Arval Mobility Consulting is a key element of the Arval Beyond strategy within the 360° Mobility offer, a five-year plan designed to enable Arval to become the industry leader in terms of sustainable mobility solutions.

This new approach has been created in response to a whole range of recently emerging trends – including factors such as asset sharing of bikes, cars and scooters, concerns over environmental issues and the growth of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) – all of which have in turn been accelerated by the arrival of COVID-19.

Designed by Arval Consulting, Arval Mobility Consulting is conceived around a three-stage process. Firstly, Arval Consulting’s teams define the client’s sustainable mobility ambitions including potentially private mobility as well. Then they analyse employees’ mobility patterns using mobility audit data to understand the current situation. Finally, based on the client’s ambition and the current situation, Arval Consulting’s teams design the best mobility solution package for each user type, which can includes cars, bikes, scooters and/or ride sharing.

Our corporate clients are facing new challenges. One of them is the assessment of their employees’ mobility needs and expectations. The pandemic has completely disrupted the mobility of employees whether professional or private. Arval Mobility Consulting has been developed to help our corporate customers meet these challenges. It provides a holistic approach designed to meet their aspirations in terms of employee mobility offer” comments Shams-Dine El Mouden, Arval Consulting Director.

Bart Beckers, Arval Chief Commercial Officer, says: “Arval has evolved from a car-centric company into a mobility company. All of our corporate clients and their employees, in all our geographies, will be offered the sustainable and state-of-the-art mobility options they need, and Arval Mobility Consulting is an important enabler to help our clients to make the right choices.

Arval Mobility Consulting is rolled out in 11 countries. It has been developed by Arval Consulting, which has performed more than 10,000 missions related to fleet and corporate mobility management since it was launched in 2008.

The Arval Mobility Observatory, which works very closely with Arval Consulting, will release its annual Barometer on corporate mobility in April 2021, global results of a survey carried out in 20 countries.

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