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Strategy 26 Jun 2015

Arval today presents its digital transformation as part of its strategic programme “One Arval 2015-2017”. The company is announcing the launch of its one-of-a-kind telematics offer: Arval Active Link, in addition to the international launch of new and innovative services (Arval Webstore) as well as enhanced existing ones (Arval Websites, Arval Analytics, Arval Fleet View, Arval Mobile+).

Riding ahead of the digital wave

The digital world is moving fast. That is why, 2 years after the launch of its already innovative initiative Arval Smart Experience, Arval has decided to push its efforts forward into the digital world so that its customers and prospects can take advantage of the latest technologies and features. As such, a number of tools have been upgraded and revamped to ride ahead of the digital wave and satisfy customers’ and prospects’ new and even future needs.

These digital transformations have been made possible through significant investments to enhance Arval’s whole infrastructure. Such investments rely on specialised, fully dedicated digital teams (marketing, IT…) and the creation of a start-up to build the telematics offer.

Arval’s strategy is consistent with the importance of digital transformation to the BNP Paribas Group business development plan.

Arval announces the creation of its telematics offer, Arval Active Link

In 2013, Arval decided to invest heavily in telematics. “Telematics-based services and the data they produce are keys not only for the automotive sector, but also for the future of full-service leasing, which is going to be deeply transformed, placing anticipation at the core of every strategy and allowing the whole business model to shift towards a new era. We are very happy today to announce that Arval is going one step ahead with Arval Active Link,” says Arval CEO Philippe Bismut.

Developed by a dedicated team established in a start-up incubator in the heart of Paris, Arval Active Link is the first integrated offer for telematics on the market. Arval is now able to provide its customers with indepth information on a car and its driver’s behaviour, accompanied by a wide range of proactive services.

Because Arval masters 100% of the data, “not only will Arval Active Link serve our customers, it will also represent a major advantage for the drivers, offering them more safety as well as privacy by ensuring the security of the collected data,” explains Bart Beckers, Arval CCO.

“The quantity, diversity and quality of the data that can be collected thanks to Arval Active Link – and the benefits that are induced – are so large and impressive that Arval will put great effort into developing the easiest tools and closest support – particularly through its Consulting entity – for its customers, to give them access to the very essence of what new technologies can offer them,” Bart Beckers adds.

Arval Active Link costs €3 per month, with optional modules at a further €2 per month each. It will be launched in France, Italy, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands and Czech Republic, starting from September 2015

Beside Arval Active Link, Arval also announces new releases of its reporting and connected tools

To benefit from the latest technologies and continue putting the customer and end-user at the centre of its approach, Arval is launching new releases of Arval Analytics, Arval Fleet View and Arval Mobile+. Arval Analytics and Arval Fleet View give users access to new modules, new indicators and faster response time, assisting fleet managers in managing and optimising their fleet policy at any time, whether they are working at an international or a local scale.

“This unique integrated suite of tools offers our customers a seamless navigation within the Arval universe, and gives them the opportunity to closely monitor all aspects of their fleets in real-time and engage into strategic decisions with confidence”, comments Bart Beckers.

Arval Mobile+, an app available on smartphones, offers drivers useful information on their contract, their car and their trips, as well as information on traffic and weather conditions.

Finally, coupled with the launch of new country websites, Arval is also giving SMEs access to the Arval Webstore, the first B2B service to offer full-service leasing quotes on an unrestricted list of vehicles (40 makes, 500 models) without the need to register.

In an effort to offer its customers the same level of expertise and tools around the world, Arval Webstore and new releases of Arval Mobile +, Arval Analytics and Arval Fleet View will be made available in Arval entities starting from June 2015.

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