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Strategy 20 Feb 2017


• Having broken through the 1 million vehicle threshold in November, Arval totalled 1,028,142 leased vehicles worldwide at the end of 2016 (up 8.4% on 2015 at constant perimeter and exchange rate)

• 326,150 vehicles were ordered by Arval in 2016 (24% more than in 2015), and the company sold 248,914 vehicles (up 27%)

• Arval France grew by more than 4% to end the year with 290,216 vehicles leased

2016, a year of sustained organic growth for Arval

Organic growth of the Arval leased fleet worldwide was 8.4% for 2016, significantly outperforming the initial average growth target of 6%. A growth sustained both by Arval's historic markets of France, UK, Spain and Italy, with an overall increase of 7% in the leased fleet, and double-figure growth in several countries such as Austria (15%), Brazil (14%), Hungary (10%), Luxembourg (13%), Poland (15%) and Czech Republic (19%).

During the year, Arval also delivered the Europe-wide integration programme of GE Fleet Services, which was acquired by Arval at the end of 2015. Covering more than 160,000 vehicles in 12 countries, this programme continues its success. More than 900 employees have joined the company, and are now focusing their enthusiasm and talent to contributing to the development of Arval and delivering the first operational and commercial successes.

Increased cooperation with the BNP Paribas Group retail banking networks, the Arval International Business Office which handles the largest international clients, and SME Solutions, which serves selfemployed and small company customers, were prime drivers of growth in 2016.

Arval is now present in 28 countries, following its acquisition of Relsa in Brazil and its alliance with the same group in Peru and Chile. With around 30,000 vehicles leased in these three countries, Arval is consolidating its position in Latin America. The Element-Arval Global Alliance - the cornerstone of the company's international business - is itself expanding with the addition of a new member, RDA Renting, which operates in Argentina and Uruguay. The Alliance now covers 50 countries to offer international fleets a consistent level of high-quality service worldwide.

All of these led Arval to achieve the milestone of one million leased vehicles worldwide in November last year. This unprecedented performance consolidates Arval's leadership in the European multibrand leasing market and its status as a key industry stakeholder at global level.

"2016 was a tremendous year for Arval", says Arval CEO Philippe Bismut. "The millionth vehicle marked a clear turning point in the history of our company. It symbolises the success of our strategy and the unfailing commitment shown by our people".

Arval France: success driven by innovation

Arval consolidated its market leadership in France during 2016, delivering fleet growth of 4.3% to reach 290,216 vehicles. This growth spans all Arval customer segments.

2016 was a year in which SME Solutions proved its value by delivering growth of 15% of its fleet, making it the most dynamic source of development for Arval France during the year. SMEs, VSEs and professionals therefore offer a high level of growth potential for full service leasing.

The performances delivered by Arval France in 2016 are the direct result of investment in developing new offers and perfecting the digital tools offered to fleet managers. More specifically:

• Arval France has opened up full service leasing to private customers with its Global Auto Offer, which combines its own expertise with that of BNP Paribas, BNP Paribas Personal Finance and Cardif. So the support of finance and automotive industry specialists is now being offered to private individuals for whom vehicle usage is more important than ownership. Available to BNP Paribas customers, this offer promises lower vehicle usage costs and takes care of all servicing and insurance needs.

• The range of advice and support available to company fleet managers has been expanded with the introduction of Arval Outsourcing Solutions at the end of 2015. Confronted by increasingly complex mobility problems – changes in fine management, restricted traffic zones, etc. – fleet managers have positively welcomed a service that releases them from administrative tasks and optimises the management of their vehicle fleet .

Arval Mid-Term Rental has also reported strong growth of 35% in its fleet. Arval customers are embracing the flexibility offered by this solution for managing the mobility of their employees under fixed term contracts, probationary employees, temps, expats, etc.

• Lastly, Arval Active Link, the integrated telematics solution, was enhanced with the addition of new innovations in 2016, and is proving increasingly successful with Arval France customers.

"Our customers are finding that our solutions give them the quality of service they're looking for, as well as innovations that make day-to-day fleet management easier and add value to their decisions", says Arval France General Manager François-Xavier Castille. "It is with this demanding approach to excellence that we approach 2017 confident in our potential after a successful year in 2016: this year, we aim to grow the leased fleet of Arval France by 4%".

The 2017 target: to stay ahead of the market and demand

Quality of service, employee expertise and the simplicity of our solutions will support the equally high ambitions of Arval for 2017. "We will succeed by extracting maximum advantage from digital and communication technologies as the basis for seizing new opportunities, such as leasing for private individuals, car sharing and innovative fleet management solutions, linked to the evolution of our industry”, concludes Philippe Bismut.

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