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Like many others, the vehicle leasing industry is impacted by the global supply chain shortage of semiconductors. There are a number of factors behind the current shortage of microchips. Firstly, the global pandemic and accompanying lockdowns meant chipmakers had to slow down production massively. Secondly, sales of electric devices like tablets and phones have seen unprecedented demand. Compounding the situation, various climate or technical incidents affected some electronics facilities, curtailing their ability to produce microchips, and contributed to the shortage we are now facing.

In this particular context, Arval is at the side of its customers to find solutions for their mobility needs.

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Alain Van Groenendael

Alain van Groenendael

Arval Chairman and CEO

Our N°1 mission in 2022 will be to help and support our clients overcoming the delays in new vehicles deliveries and in their energy transition.
  • What is a microchip and why are vehicles reliant on chips?


    A semiconductor or microchip is a set of electronic circuits on a small flat piece of silicon.
    Car manufacturers are becoming increasingly dependent on microchips to produce their latest models. Every single new car uses micro controller units. They control various aspects of the vehicle, including digital displays, safety features, driver assistance systems, brakes, power steering and more. Cars can even have chips in the engine to help them improve its efficiency and lower emissions. And for an electric vehicle, even more chips are needed to control its powertrain and battery, in addition to its usual functions.

  • What is the Arval view on the global chips shortage?


    We have flexible solutions coupled with strong manufacturers and dealers relations to source vehicles and we are working hard for our customers to ensure that they have the vehicles they need to help reduce any impact on their businesses.




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