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For Arval, CSR is not just about image

For Arval, CSR is not just about image

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Over a decade after signing the voluntary UN Global Compact and agreeing to implement universal sustainability principles and take action to support them, Arval remains strongly committed to aligning its operations and strategies with the Global Compact’s ten principles.

As Philippe Bismut, CEO of Arval stated, “CSR is not just about image”.” It is at the heart of the business. Our existing and potential clients, who are increasingly aware of its importance, appreciate our efforts in such areas as road safety, eco-friendly vehicles and eco-driving. Our employees are inspired by the charitable activities they participate in. And, not least of all, the search for sustainable solutions stimulates innovation.We signed the UN Global Compact in 2004 to announce that we are serious about CSR and about taking action to prove it.”

Read on to discover the many ways Arval is putting these principles into action.