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Arval has designed a large portfolio of services to help customers, from decision makers at the corporate planning level to drivers behind the wheel.

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Solutions for fleet management enhancement

Arval Active Link

Arval Active Link combines features of Arval Analytics with fleet management expertise provided by Arval specialists. The main focus is to monitor and improve driver behavior as key variable impacting fleet cost (up to 40% of Total Cost of Ownership).

Active Link is fully integrated within Arval's fleet management services which means single point of access to all client and driver online tools. It also enables more proactive approach of Arval for vehicle servicing and contract optimization, bringing more convenience to drivers and savings for clients.



Arval Car Sharing

Arval Car Sharing is an innovative solution for employees who do not have a leased vehicle. You take one or more vehicles and make them available to anyone.

It is smart sharing, giving everyone the benefits of a lease vehicle for business-related travel. Users can make reservations with their own smartphones or through a web application in a matter of seconds. They can also use their smartphones (or an interactive card) to open the vehicle. Transforming the smartphones into a virtual key means that you don’t have to worry about managing the keys to the car. This smart booking system, which allows you to make a reservation at any time and from any location, is unique to the Arval Car Sharing solution.



CO2 Offsetting solutions

The Arval CO2 Management Programme starts by measuring the CO2 emissions of your fleet and establishing quantitative reduction goals. Various actions are then proposed to optimise your emissions.

You can then offset any emissions in excess of your objectives. Arval will assist you in the decision making process, calculate the volume of COemitted, and provide you with our expertise in terms of car policy and driver training. Arval will offer you a number of options to reduce and offset emissions, and control the traceability, quality and eligibility of the underlying project.



Short term rental

Do you need a rental car for 1 day or 1 month? In addition to long term car rental, Arval is also able to provide short term contract solutions where required. You then have total flexibility over your fleet of cars and vans only paying for vehicles when you need them and returning them when they are no longer required. You get all of the savings, all the convenience, all you could ever need when renting a car for 1 day or 1 month.


  • There are no termination penalties.
  • There is no long term commitment.
  • You have vehicles when you want them for as long as you want them.
  • The minimum period is just 1 day long.
  • All servicing and routine maintenance costs are included.




Contact your Arval account manager to discover the exhaustive range of Arval services to drivers.

Caring about your drivers


Our Driver Contact Specialists are dedicated and specifically trained to manage all of the procedures used to communicate with your drivers on your behalf. These Driver Contact specialists offer 24/7 support, 365 days a year, to your drivers, giving them the right advice and answering any of their queries.



Arval’s Eco-Driving program raises your drivers’ awareness of the impact of their driving on the environment and how to improve their carbon footprint. Eco training reduce costs while improving fuel economy, insurance, and SMR. Safety training reduces your fleet claim rates and improves the safety of your employees on the road. (Together, these account for more than 46% of your Total Cost of Ownership.)



When required, Arval provides on behalf of you drivers a car collection and delivery service. Don’t worry about getting your car to and from the garage. We will collect your car, carry out the repairs and return it to your home or place of work. The Arval car collection and delivery service is delivered with nationwide coverage.



At Arval, when our vehicles reach the end of their lease term, we sell them on through different channels, making them available to a wide range of buyers all over the world. Drivers may have the opportunity to buy their car.



Measuring the satisfaction of your drivers will give indicators of our level of services and support improvements. After operational events as vehicle delivery, roadside assistance … Arval leads on field towards your drivers satisfaction surveys. Our aim is to continuously leverage the leasing industry standard service.


We know that having access to the right information at the right time is important to you and to your drivers. That's why Arval has given drivers online access to a range of useful driver information, tools and tips.



Arval Mobile+
Arval Mobile+ means that your documents are always in your hand: car registration certificate, driving license, vehicle contract, and the services you are covered by. You can easily have access to Arval’s service suppliers network and manage directly your car maintenance in a very easy & simple way.

Arval Drive Challenge
Arval Drive Challenge is a serious game that aims to make drivers aware of responsible road habits and encourage them to adopt correct driving behaviors.



Regarding your Car Policy rules, get easy access to set-up your car. Two options are available, depending on your internal company management rules:

  • Cars list available in you Car Policy
  • Exhaustive cars market list



To facilitate the order process, you can within the restrictions of your car policy rules and process, order online your car. Then you can also follow the order progression information and updates.



In a private space you can view and manage personal information and vehicle data but also access to policy documents, travel information, vehicle lead times, Driver guide, and tax calculator.

To find out more about the products and services offered in your country, please visit the local website (accessible via the “global company” page).