Arval Talent Care Programme

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Talent management is vital to fuel our transformations and promote our culture of inclusion, innovation and responsibility. Arval is a place for people in action and has always had a strong reputation for developing its employees.

In 2018, this was taken to a new level with the launch of the Arval Talent Care Programme. This initiative aims at developing a pool of "talents" to provide value-adding support to the Arval global business and power future growth. Through this programme, 40 employees from 19 countries (52% of women) currently benefit from continues learning promoting employee engagement at an international level.

For this, Arval deploys creative and innovation-focused workshops to build future forefront leaders. The purpose of this nine-month course is to encourage and strengthen leadership and innovative abilities. For example, one of the workshops includes meeting with start-up leaders to inspire talents to develop dynamic state-of-minds and place innovation at the heart of their work. 

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The Arval Talent Care Programme


In line with our Company strategy, this programme is all about “going beyond”. It aims to:

1. Grow and strengthen future leaders of the company
2. Benefit from high performing employees ideas to contribute to Arval's growth
3. Develop international and intercultural relations between countries of the Group


Every year since 2018, 40 employees (50% of women) from 19 countries are involved in a 9 months journey, allowing them to grow and strengthen their leadership thanks to a multitude of learning & development opportunities.

Arval Talent Care Programme includes:

  • A team work on a strategic challenge for Arval Business to imagine and design innovative and concrete solutions
  • Cross function and multi-cultural teams of 5 talents
  • A support by a Sponsor, among Arval Group Comex and a Stream Leader, expert on the Challenge Topic
  • Mentoring
  • Training & coaching with innovation-focused and inclusive leadership workshops

Unlike many other training initiatives, the key focus is on – the job development, which occupies around 70% of participants' time.

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Quote Alain van Groenendael

Alain van Groenendael
Arval Chairman and CEO

"At a time where the global labor market is very dynamic, it is essential to show how much we care about our talents. The final event of the Arval Talent Care Programme is a unique opportunity for us to freshen up our ideas, reflect on new initiatives and innovations. It is also the opportunity to select with our partners, customers and other members of the jury, the projects that will be implemented in the coming months. Like the previous years, I was amazed by the level of hard work, dedication and commitment of the participants! My warmest congratulations to all of them!"

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Bernard Blanco

Bernard Blanco
Arval Human Resources Director

"Arval Talent Care Programme is not a destination in itself, rather, it is a team experience, a way to develop individually and as a company."


This Programme shows very good results: every year, it generates a very high level of satisfaction (at least 9/10). Participants value in particular the networking with colleagues from all countries, the proximity with top management and being pushed out of their comfort zone and involved in strategic & concrete challenges for Arval (since 2018, half of the winning projects have been implemented).

Since its launch in 2018, 206 talents have lived this intense, comprehensive and fulfilling journey and grown from it.

  • 90% are still with Arval or in the Group
  • Most of them have changed job
  • 10% have done an international mobility
  • 5% have become Comex Member

Arval Talent Care Programme 2022

Talents of 2022 edition

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The Arval Talent Care Programme

Julie Le Guillou

Talent Manager

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40 Talents
TCP 2023 Countries
Arval Countries
50% of women
.. of women
Number of Promoted Talents
.. of the first Arval Talent Care Programme participants promoted internally or internationally
David Alcolea

I think I have gone through all possible moods: joy, fear, positivity, curiosity... During these 9 months I have learned a lot, not only about the "Challenge" I have had to work on, but also about Arval BNP Paribas Group and the great enthusiasm it puts into innovation. I have realized even more that I'm in the right place...

David Alcolea
Arval Spain Business Manager
Lucy Britten

I feel very proud to have been nominated and accepted to go on this programme. I enjoyed every minute of it, I learnt so much, worked with the best team, met amazing people and had fun while doing it.

Lucy Britten
Arval UK Business Manager Consumer Sales and Partnerships

It was an amazing opportunity for me to meet new people, find how things work in other countries and place myself outside of my comfort zone. It was a great experience.

Product & Projet Manager - Arval Slovakia, Promotion 2021
Harnam Singh Nijjar

The 2021 Arval Talent Care Programme was everything I thought it would be and more! The format of the entire programme was first class and was a truly memorable experience.

Harnam Singh Nijjar
Sales - Arval UK, Promotion 2021
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TCP 2022

An in house, ambitious and international Talent Programme offering every year a comprehensive talent development journey at heart of which is a Team Work on a strategic challenge of Arval’s business.

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In a sector historically masculine, Arval is committed to offering equal opportunities irrespective of gender, by addressing the gender pay gap and encouraging women into more senior roles. It is the reason behind the launch of our programme "Women in Action".