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Electrified Vehicles: Greater ambition for Arval in 2025

Electrified Vehicles: Greater ambition for Arval in 2025

In 2020, at the launch of its new strategic plan, Arval set itself the goal of leasing 500,000 electrified vehicles (hybrid and electric) by the end of 2025.

Tue 14/12/21
Hello Tomorrow Deeptech and Mobility

Deep tech, the players of tomorrow's sustainable mobility?

A more sustainable world cannot be achieved without sustainable mobility. Arval takes its responsibility to provide concrete answers to these challenges seriously: environmental protection, energy transition, management of urban congestion and accessibility in the cities of the future. 

Tue 07/12/21
car charging

Countries Energy Transition Maturity Score

The new Countries Energy Transition Maturity Score study co-conducted by the Element-Arval Global Alliance and Arval is potentially one of the most important pieces of international fleet research that has been undertaken for some time.

Thu 18/11/21
Bridge Riga Baltics
Press release

Element-Arval Global Alliance names new Baltics partner, expands global service to 53 countries

The Element-Arval Global Alliance today announced SIXT Leasing Baltics as a new member of the world-spanning fleet management network, the longest standing strategic alliance in the fleet management industry with 3 million vehicles under management, now in 53 countries.

Tue 26/10/21
Partenariat Arval_Emil Frey
Press release

Arval and Emil Frey France enter into a strategic partnership

Emil Frey France, France's leading car distribution group, and Arval, France's leading full service leasing company, have entered into a strategic partnership to create a full service leasing business for customers of the 250 dealerships of the Emil Frey France Group.

Tue 12/10/21
Man on a bike
Press release


Arval’s activity continued to develop well in the first half of 2021 thanks to the quality of its services and the strength of its business model: the leased fleet grew by 6.4% compared to the end of June 2020, reaching 1,416,777 vehicles, despite the longer delivery time for new cars in connection with the current shortage of semi-conductors on the market. It confirmed Arval’s position as the European leader in full service multi-brand leasing.

Fri 10/09/21
EVAA Autonomous Shuttle

Arval’s Autonomous Shuttle: Witness the start of an emissions-free public transport revolution

Arval is leading an important sustainable mobility project to appraise the viability of autonomous shuttles. Marie Chambat, Product Manager at Arval France with responsibility for the scheme, explains why the trial could prove to be of great significance…

Thu 17/06/21
Telematic Car Smartphone

Why connectivity is essential for Arval's future mobility

Arval was an early adopter of telematics, and now it reaps the benefits of its experience. Because more connectivity means more flexibility, and that’s what today’s customers want. Grégoire Chové, Managing Director of Arval Europe, guides us through Arval’s telematics journey.

Tue 08/06/21
1 EV 1 Tree by Arval BNP Paribas
Press release


Arval, a global leader in full-service vehicle leasing and sustainable mobility solutions, is launching its first international biodiversity project. One tree will be planted or regenerated for each electrified vehicle leased by Arval in the same country where the vehicle is delivered. The objective is to promote local biodiversity and engage local employees and Arval customers. By the end of 2025, Arval’s ambition is to have funded more than 500,000 trees.

Wed 02/06/21