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Spring campaign: environmentally friendly mobility for SMEs

Spring campaign: environmentally friendly mobility for SMEs

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Arval SME is a dedicated division within Arval, offering leasing solutions to professional, entrepreneurial, self-employed customers, small corporates and individuals. Today, Arval SME Solutions is present in 8 countries, and manages a Full Service Leasing fleet of 210,000 vehicles, in cooperation with more than 2,000 partners. 


Promoted under the claim “Make your business blossom”, Arval proudly announces a spring campaign in several markets in Europe, starting on 20th March. It will cover several European markets, namely Italy, Spain, France, UK, Belgium, Poland and Turkey. Through its social responsibility commitments, Arval will support its customers in their transition to a more environmentally friendly energy mix.


For each country, this Full Service Leasing special offer will be available exclusively through the web channel of each Arval subsidiary, and will include convenient hassle-free packages of services with, for example, funding, service maintenance and repair, tyres replacement, relief vehicle, insurance, accident management, taxes and fines management.


To discover the Arval spring campaign exclusive offers in each country please visit the local Arval websites: www.arval.[xx].