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“Let's Reinvent Paris” project

“Let's Reinvent Paris” project

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On February 3rd, the municipality of Paris awarded the winners of the project "Let’s Reinvent Paris". 22 architecture projects were chosen with the aim to modify and improve the face of Paris by 2023. Among the winners is a project by BNP Paribas Real Estate and Arval!

The 3 major innovations of the awarded building that will be built by BNP Paribas Real Estate in 2023: a vegetal covered roof whose fruit & vegetable production will be used by a rooftop restaurant, and shared mobility operated by Arval, thanks to more than 20 vehicles using the Arval Car Sharing  platform. Taking into account the broad population range of this small town sized building, the Arval Car Sharing offer was built around these pillars:

  • Multiple engine and vehicles types
  • Possibility to manage professional and private usages
  • Autonomous vehicle management (maintenance, washing, etc.)


This operation is the first common success of BNP Paribas Real Estate and Arval, and will certainly open new synergy opportunities in the future for both companies.

Link to the Paris website

Photo credit © BNP Paribas real Estate/Jacques Ferrier